Uncomfortable Meeting. Part 6

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27th September 2017 All Rights Reserved.

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Fai's POV...

I had to go into the city to meet up with mum and dad and Ollie wanted to come with me this time. Nan, of course, said that she would be fine without us for a few days. But I still worried about her with the old girl getting older on it nowadays.

" I have looked after myself and the farm before you came here and I can look after the place while you are away." Nan said to us when I decided to put the visit off. I was getting to the point of arguing with my grandmother when she stomped off in a huff refusing to talk to me until I got myself some sense into me I think she was muttering.

So, Ollie and myself were driving down into the city to stay with my parents and little brother that my parents found themsleves having shortly after my leaving them. Having a brother who was born a few months after my own daughter did nothing but make me laugh.

I don't think they were expecting to have a child again after me. I was too much of a handle for them to even think of having another baby. But they did. So, I wasn't the only one to have sleepless nights, dirty butts and odd feedings with a glutton.

That reminded me of the time when Nan was smirking at me when I said that I was glad that all the childbirthing pain was finished with.

No one mentioned to me about the mammary glands and how they fill up with milk so much that you think you have boobs right up under your arms making it difficult to do anything including lying down for a nap. And then there was the bloody leaking. I knew cows dripped milk when their udders were full, but I never thought that some women could be considered cows with their 'udders' being too full and they would leak as well. Like a damn tap that was turned on. That was me when it happened.

Nan suggested that I express some milk after each feed to freeze in case something happened and I couldn't for some reason. Sometimes there might be a situation that comes up when I might not be able to breastfeed and the milk will come in handy. Like not being there when the little glutton wanted a feeding.

I never realised how comfortable I felt after expressing. Or how easy it was to eventually wean her off the breast after nearly two years of age. The little glutton would not have anything else. Just my milk. She also still had breastmilk up until she was three years of age when she was beginning to be fully weaned. Which she didn't like, of course. She liked the boob and the boobmilk and everyone knew it. Greedy little glutton she was.

But by the time she was four she was just like a little mini me, Nan said and had a healthy appetite. But looked somewhat like her father in appearance as she grew older. But as for her food, if she didn't have her feed when she was hungry, she grew very cantankerous and noisy about it and let everyone know about it. So, we made sure that we always had something on hand for her to eat when we were travelling about regardless of how old she had gotten and could have gotten for herself, the little shit.

Such as having a small esky with snadwiches and fruit along with a thermos of coffee as we left the property for our journey. Something she could have packed for herself. But she was too busy we heard her yelling on a few occasions. Nan and I just shook our heads at her.

It usually takes a couple of hours to get to the range before heading across it and down onto the M4 freeway. By the time we got onto the freeway, it didn't take us long to get to the M7 and then after getting onto the M2, we turned off further down and across a few more highways and up across the river to the northside of the city where mum and dad moved to a few years ago.

The move they made was very sudden I thought. But I did hear a few whispers about Izzy's daughter, Alyssa was becoming a problem. The girl was born fifteen months after Ollie and their brother Nolan was born. I guess Izzy was securing Danny as hers with a few children. I don't think she knows that there is absolutely nothing that can change the dact that Ollie will always be Danny's first born and everyone knows it.

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