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Elowyn's fingers moved at a rapid fire pace against her thighs, trying desperately to remember the right pattern to the Pachelbel's Canon part in her piece. The room she was sitting in was shockingly white, and no matter how hard she focused on the current task at hand, she wasn't able to get over the blindness that it gave her, or the feeling that the walls were closing in.

It wasn't as if she hadn't been at auditions before; she had, ever since she was five. Being a musical prodigy came with it's perks, but she never quite outgrew her nervousness she got before auditions.

And to her, this one was a big deal.

She remembered she had been seated at her piano bench at home, defying her mom's orders to practice and scrolling through Instagram when she saw the mail notification pop up. She moved instinctively to clear it, but when Stranger Things caught her eye, she clicked on it instead.

Dear Elowyn Penrose,

It would be our pleasure if you would come audition for us on Tuesday, July 25 for a part in Season 2 of Stranger Things.

That's all Elowyn was able to get through before she shot off the bench like a canon, running out of her music room and into the kitchen, where her mom was preparing dinner.

"Mom! I got an email asking me to audition for Stranger Things!" She squealed, her small body vibrating with excitement. Her mom turned from the stove, a smile already growing on her face.

"That's great sweetie! I told you Mrs. Alder would start getting you more TV auditions," She said, moving around the island to snatch Elowyn's phone from her. Elowyn grumbled, not bothering to grab it back, but instead stood on her tips toes to read over her shoulder.

"They want you to audition on piano, and apparently you'd be getting on screen time."

Elowyn should've read the rest of the email. She was no stranger to performances, she did them all the time, but being on a major television show with even a little screen time was daunting. Usually when these type of calls came in, she would be recording as apart of an orchestra, something that would be layered in at the climax of the episode or movie. But never, never had she been on the screen.

"I can't act," Elowyn replied, chewing the inside of her cheek nervously. She was already planning the apology email in her head.

Her mom set her phone down, turning to her sternly. She never allowed Elowyn to psych herself out of an audition, never let her wallow in self pity. Her mom grabbed her shoulders, something that was quite easy because they were the same height, and said "Elowyn Amelia Penrose, I did not raise no pussy. Now you're going to march yourself into that audition room with your head held high, and if you have to act then you're going to act, because it's just like those stories you make up when you're composing a song, except it's words instead of musical notes, you understand?"

Elowyn was shook out of her revere when a door to her left opened, and one of the Duffer brothers poked his head in to alert her that it was her turn to play. She picked up your music in slightly shaky hands and gave a closed lip help-i'm-going-to-die smile and followed him.

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