chapter 29

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Natsu's POV:

We were almost to Celestia, when a group of Celestial​ guards stopped us.

I heard Lucy gasp, before I turned around to see her hide behind a tree.

Facing the guards, I saw them holding a piece of paper with Lucy's face on it.

The guard holding the paper stepped forward and began to speak.

" You are the mages from Fairy Tail I presume?"

We all nodded, still looking at the picture of Lucy.

" I see you've noticed the picture of the girl in my hand yes? Well, this is a picture of the princess you'll be finding."

" A few months ago, she escaped from the castle, because she didn't want to go into a arranged marriage with The Holy Prince, Sting. Your mission, is to find her, and bring her home before June 14. Do I make myself clear?"

We were all numb at the discovery of Luce being a princess, so we slowly nodded.

Right after they left we all turned on Luce, ready for answers. But all we saw was empty space.

It seemed that when we were getting our instructions for the mission, she had ran away.

We instantly began searching for her.

There's a rumour, that the forests of the kingdom of Celestia, were the most beautiful, but deadly in the world.

Murders, thieves, and beasts all wandered these woods, waiting for their next victim.

It was suicide to wander the Celestia forest's alone.

I grew frantic, I couldn't find her scent anywhere!

Then, we all heard Lucy scream.

The sound tore into my soul.

I could hear the pain and agony, the fear in her voice.

We began to sprint in the screams, but suddenly, they were gone.

There was only silence.

I kept on running, until I stumbled into a clearing, and saw the sight that killed me.

In the center of the clearing, surrounded by flowers, was Lucy.

Her body looked pale, her golden hair spread around her.

Her body was covered in blood.

A man in a dark cloak stood in front of her, his face in the shadows of his hood. I could only see a few strands of his blond hair.

The man glanced at me before disappearing in a flash of white magic.

I heard the group arrive, and heard them gasp at the sight before them.

I was completely numb. I slowly walked towards Luce, and the plants I walked upon slowly died.

I felt my wings sprout from my back, my horns push through my scalp. My scales covered my body, and my fangs sprouted from my mouth.

But. I was numb. I didn't feel the pain, I just kept waking towards the limp body of my beloved.

I didn't hear my team gasp in horror, or Erza draw her blade.

I couldn't hear anything. I was listening for Lucy's breath, but I heard nothing.

When I finally reached Luce, I slowly laid beside her, and wrapped my arms around her.

Shee was freezing to the touch.

Her lips were blue, her skin pale.

Her eyes were closed, she looked like she was sleeping.

Pressing my head into her chest, I listened for her heartbeat.

But I heard nothing. Not even a small beat.

Then, I raised my head to the sky and let out a heart wrenching, soul shattering cry.

Lucy, my love, my mate, was dead.

Please don't kill me!

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