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Ch.35 More new students?

Me and so many others were thrown off after the reveal of who attempted to kill Goth this week.

Martha and her partner onthe News are still talking about it.

"I just don't understand, it's clear these two have no kind of history together. So the question why did he hurt him?" Martha questioned looking to her partner who shrugged.

"Who knows Martha? It could be a mental disorder, or he could have just done it to feel dominate over something. There's still plenty of reason why he could have attempted to kill a fellow student in Integrity High." Her partner said taking a sip of his tea.

I watched sadly, slowly losing interest and becoming agrivated.

He couldn't have done it! Im certain he didn't do it, the look in his eyes said it all.

I frown sitting at my desk, our Career teacher was thankfully absent today and forgot to leave work to do so the substitute gave us a free day.

There was also some new students. Jessica and her younger sister Jennifer (these two aren't OC's they are my childhood besties and still are)

Jessica had blonde hair with side ways bangs, had teal eyes, and fair skin. She wore a black jacket with a blue shirt and jeens with black boots, with a blue choker and earings to match.

Jennifer had dirty blonde hair and teal eyes, her skin was also fair but had more of a pink tint to it. She wore a black RWBY shirt with blue jeans and black sandals.

Amber was talking to them about a book she was planning on publishing after her Deadly Scadals book, I just listened out of pure curiosity.

"Hey Fresh, You okay?" Remo and Amber asked at the same time, Asriel laughed a little at this as the two stared each other down.

"Yeah, I guess I'm just not feeling all that great." I said as Remo smirked.

"I can change that if ya like." Remo said as Savages face went blank, she stood up instantly but Jessica forced her to sit down.

"U-um...No thank you...?" I asked a little flustered since I knew what he meant, but what happened to bestfriends?

"That's right you better fucking say no!" Amber yelped asthe substitute looked towards her.

"Amber Ortiz! Language!" He said looking away as Savage scowled.

"Screw the rules, you fucking ass hat..." She mumbled flipping him off but covering it from his sight with her other hand.

I rolled my eyes annoyed that she cussed but smiled none the less.

*time skip to lunch because times hungry*

I felt uncomfortable with everything. Mainly because Remo has been flirting with me left and right, i tried to ignore it though.

Me and PJ had to sit with each other due to a project again from yesterday, plus Savage was making us but we didn't complain.

She sat on the row in front of us though surrounded by several monsters, and humans cracking jokes and puns every chance she got. Which left a seat right next to me that Remo took, once again-What happened to best friends?

I was slightly aggravated with how uncomfortable I felt, I had this strange feeling in my chest...worry? All i know is that I feel weird having Remo flirt with me especially around PJ.

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