I heard a the sound of something crashing in my sleep, and as my eyes fluttered open I took in the view of Niall Horan looking down at me, screaming, “SHE’S AWAKE!” Before turning to the people around him and repeating it. 

“She’s confused,” I grumbled, sitting up and rubbing the back of my head, my hands catching on the wicked rats nest that is my hair. I groaned, trying to brush through them but not getting very far. 

“She’s showing us the city today,” Harry grinned. I cocked my eyebrow - oh right. Standing up, I pulled my duvet with me to protect me from the cold, I walked over to my closet. As I looked through the clothes I hummed a tune, not really thinking about anything in particular.

“WAIT!” I exclaimed, turning to the boys behind me, my duvet falling off my shoulders from the force, “How the hell did you get into my apartment!?” I asked, looking at my open bedroom door. The boys all burst out into a fit of laughter, my eyes narrowing at the giggling boys. 

“Elsie let us in,” Liam said, handing me the duvet that had fallen from my shoulders. I gave him a thankful smile before tossing it over to my bed, not needing it anymore. 

“I hate her,” I grumbled, turning back to my closet and quickly pulling out a pair of skinny jeans and a t-shirt, not really bothering to see if they would actually match very well. I skirted into the bathroom, throwing the clothes on as well as putting some winged eyeliner on my eyes and brushing my hair.

I walked out of the bathroom and slipped on my black Vans shoes, grabbed my bag and car keys, and then found the boys sitting on the couch, talking to Elsie about god knows what. 

“Els, if you’re telling them anything about my personal life I was personally rip every hair from your pretty little blonde head,” I said, a sickly-sweet grin on my face as I said this. Her eyes widened, though she wasn’t really phased by my empty threats. 

“Well, let’s get this over with,” I said, walking toward the door, not checking behind me to see if anyone was following me. I heard the shuffling of footsteps as I neared the door, which told me that they were actually following me. 

I sat in my car, driving toward the bridge. I’d told Harry he needed to see the bridge, so the bridge he would see. Liam and Niall had ridden with Elsie in her car, and with me rode Louis, Zayn, and Harry. I looked at Harry as he watched the world flash by us, his eyes lighting at the excitement of San Francisco. A smile tugged at my lips, thinking about how much of a kid he looked like in that moment, his green eyes bright with joy. 

“So where all are we going?” Louis asked from the backseat. I looked at him in the rearview mirror, his face also turned to look out the window. The only one who wasn’t dead focused on everything around us was Zayn, who was focused on something on his cell phone.

“It’s like a half and half surprise,” I shrugged, “You’ll figure it out once we get close to the places,” I said. Louis nodded his head, his mop like hair falling down into his eyes, causing him to have to move from what looked like a comfortable position to fix it.

I parked my car in a place closest to the bridge in Golden Gate Park, my eyes fixated on the big red bridge in front of us. I looked over at Harry, and just then he looked back at me. I sent him a smile, as if to say, “Told you, you needed to see the bridge.” 

We all piled out of the car, and out of the corner I could see Elsie’s Cherry red BMW parked and waiting. I furrowed my brows, studying it closely and noticing that she’d already exited the car. I nodded my head in thought, before taking Harry and Louis by the hand, telling Louis to hold Zayn’s hand as we walked up to the bridge so he didn’t get lost. 

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