Part 21 - Forbidden territory

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6 months later ------- Winter (January)

Jess's POV -------

It had gotten a lot colder and Lori had gotten a lot bigger, she couldn't hide it anymore and everyone knew about it now. Lori was ready to have the baby any day now, Hershel was on standby for when she went into labour, she may need a cesarean. Rick and Lori had drifted so far apart now, it was sad to think they were so in love once. Rick had no love in his eyes which was evidential, but Lori, she still looked at him with so much love but he just didn't love her anymore. Andrea was still missing, I miss her so much but I had to entertain the possibility that she was dead. I think about her everyday.

We had been staying at a small house somewhere in the suburbia of Georgia, the snow was a thick blanket on the ground making the grass go crispy making it crunch when you walked over it. I was in an empty bedroom and was encased by a thick fleece around my shoulders, I began to shiver, brrr its freezing. I stood up from sitting in the comfy, warn out armchair and waddled over to the bay window. Everything was white, crisp and pure. The cold had eveb slowed the walkers down... even frozen some of them over.

The bedroom door creaked open, I turned to see Rick enter, I smiled and turned back to the large window. The bedroom door closed again and Ricks footsteps followed to my position at the window, he stood next to me and copied my actions. "Its beautiful isn't it?" Rick broke silence, I quickly nodded but didn't say anything. I could see Rick glancing at me the back to the window several times from the corner of my eye.

I glanced over at Rick for a moment, our glances locked. I slipped the fleece off of my shoulders, still staring into Ricks eyes. My heart rate began to race, every time the same feeling. Rick grabbed me close with one hand on my hip and the other cradling my face. Our lips collided instantly, crashing against each other. The kiss was rough and passionate. Ricks hands began to roam my body, exploring my curves and my edges. My hand had entwined itself into Ricks hair and the other was wrapped around his neck.

Our tongues began to fight for dominance, Rick overpowered me completely and pushed me up against the wall of the bed room with a thud, we paused for a moment not trying to make much noise as the others were downstairs. I looked at the door as Rick did, but the door remained shut. We looked back at each other and continuing what we had started. Rick began to kiss my neck and sucked on my collar bone, I let out a moan of enjoyment. We kissed me again, I could feel him smiling as he did, my fingers were once again entwined in his dark, thick brown wavy locks. Rick picked me up and my legs wrapped around his waist, he carried me to the double bed displayed in the middle of the room and threw me on it roughly. He was about to pounce when we heard footsteps coming up the stairs, we waited for them to pass but they didn't, someone had knocked on the door I quickly got up like lightning, grabbed the fleece and swung it back on to my shoulders before the person came in. I turned to glance and see who it was, Rick had hidden behind the door when Glenn had appeared through the door way. "10 minutes then were moving out... you seen Rick?" I nodded my head whilst he was talking then shook it when he asked where Rick was. Glenn nodded his head and closed the door. Gosh that was a close one...


"Wrap up warm its getting colder, I found some more blankets in the closet" T-Dog began to hand out thick fleecy blankets everyone, the children first, then to the adults. We were on the move again as always, we don't spend more than 3 nights in one house at any given time. My neck was freezing, I had given my only scarf to Sophia, I began to shiver. I quickly jogged back up stairs to the bedroom and whipped the bed sheet from the double bed that Rick and I were on before, I began to rip it down and make a makeshift scarf of some sort to keep my neck warm. Ahh that's better. "C'mon jess! we're leaving!" Daryl shouted from the bottom of the stairs and stood there waiting for me to come back down. I shouted down to let him know I was on my way.


We had been on the road for an hour now, we had been going down the same long road for what seemed like hours, I peered out of the passenger window of T-Dogs baby blue pick up truck staring at trees... trees... and more trees. The red light indicating that we were running out of fuel began to go off. T-Dog glanced down at the light "Shit..." he honked the horn and rolled the car to a halt. I opened the car door and slid off the passenger seat. "Holy shit its cold!" Glenn began to hop up and down on the spot in an attempt to keep himself warm. I turned my glance to the surrounding trees for any sign that there might be some fuel nearby... nothing.

"I'm gonna take a walk up the road a bit, see what's up there, looks like there's a building up there, might be a gas station?" I trudged back through the deep snow to the pick up truck and grabbed my handgun which I holstered under the blanket wrapped around my shoulders. I reached back in through the window and picked up the cricket bat that had slipped underneath the seat. I walked round to the back of the truck and picked up the bone dry gas container, this hadn't had any gas in it for a long time. "I'll come with you" I turned to see Rick walking up towards me. I nodded in agreement and we began to head up the road to see what there was.

"We need to talk" Rick had broken the silence between us. I quickly glanced behind me, there was a considerable distance between us and the others. "What's on your mind?" I looked at Rick as I questioned him. "We... need to stop this... us... just for a while or something" What Rick had just said didn't make sense... there wasn't an us at all... god knows I wanted there to be us but there wasn't... just little flings. "What? Why?" I didn't know what to say. "Lori's having the baby and I have to be there for her... and Carl" My blood began to boil, I thought he felt something for me, once again my heart felt ripped out and trodden on. "I thought you didn't love her anymore?" I questioned him, I can't believe he was doing this! I couldn't bear to look into his eyes. "I don't... but its my child, I need to be there... and what of we got caught? We nearly did today!" This has pissed me right off! "Fine, just don't expect me to wait around for you" I stormed ahead to see what was down the road... I needed to clear my head over what Rick had just said to me. There was a dilapidated gas station on the right hand side... bingo. "Look Jess can we talk about this?" I continued to walk ahead, failing to cast my glance back at Rick "NO! Go and tell the others we found a gas station! I'll wait here" I heard Rick sigh before hearing the sound of his footsteps weaken. I looked behind me to see Rick jogging back to the others to tell them what we had found... I'm going on a run.

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