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Craig's pov.

I ran. I ran away from the home.

I didn't want to be forced into horrible people's arms.

It started raining and I was already drenched and shivering.

Why did the world hate me?

I ran for who knows how long, my paws aching and my coat dragging me down.

I looked around and didn't recognize where I was. I probably ran to the next town,!

No one knew me or what I was. I smiled.

I ran into a alleyway. I found a few other cats. They turned there heads to me,curious, but once they got a whiff of me they hissed and ran away yelling freak.

I frown and crawl into a hole, curling up into a ball and letting the rain water flow out of my coat.

I tucked my nonexistent tail under neath me and sighed, getting comfy.

The memories of the past years came back to me and I held back tears.

I didn't want to remember what they did to me.

A tear escaped my eye and I curled up tighter, trying to fall asleep.

Tylers pov.

I cursed under my breath and slammed my door shut, not wanting to talk to the parasites anymore.

Kino yipped and ran over to me, tail wagging like crazy.

I smiled and pet his head.

"Lets go to bed?" I ask. His tongue lolls out of his mouth and I laugh.

"Come on." I say and turn to walk.

We head up to my room and I flop down on my bed. Kino jumps up and relaxes on the bed beside me.

I let my hand stroke his fur as I try and fall asleep, listening to the rain pattering against the roof.

So how's the beginning?

Hope y'all enjoyed  anywho  GOOD NIGHT YALL

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