chapter 14

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Luke's pov

The final bell rings I quickly get up from my seat and quickly walk out of the classroom then the school. I see that Oliver has already left so I need to walk fast. As I'm walking I think about how Jackson keeps asking to hang out like that's going to happen. He's got me in trouble no it's not Jackson's  fault. That Oliver doesn't let me have friends. It's like he thinks that there going to take me from him or something.


I finally get to his house see his car in the driveway. I quickly walk up to the front door and go in side. I don't see him in the kitchen or living room so I go up the stairs to his room. The door is closed I open it thinking that I will see Oliver sitting on his bed like last time. But he wasn't I step in to the room where is he? The next thing I know the bathroom door opens he steps out in a towel. Let me tell you he looks good. He looks over with a frown. " Get your ass over here now!" he yells I flinch of the sound of his voice oh god he's mad. I do as I was told when I get closes to him. He grabs me by the shirt and push's me against the wall. I yelp in pain " why are you hanging out with the new kid?" he asked " w-well he needed help to find his  class" I say he's just staring at me he Titans  his hold on me " are you guys fucking?" he says " w-what? No Oliver I just meat him this morning" he's acting crazy I will never sleep with any other men

Oliver's pov

Does he think I'm stupid or something. I was in my last class of the day. Thinking about how he was acting with that guy. Smelling at him then he blush at something he said. isn't it obvious he's cheating on me with that Jackson kid. I guess I have to teach him not to go fuck around with other men. At this Point I'm really mad I have him up against  the wall he's whimpering in pain god he such a pussy. " Hahaha your a bad lyre L baby looks like I have to teach you the rules again." He looks up at me with wide eyes. " No please Oliver I swear to god I didn't cheat on you ple." I cute him off by back heading him he falls to the  ground. He yelps in pain I kneel down right in front of him. I grab his hair and pull me close to my face. He's crying I hate seeing him cry. " Do you know what I hate the must L?" I ask him he doesn't say anything he just shacks his head. " I hate lyres!"

I stand up I still have his hair in my hand I drag him to the bed. He try's to get free of my grip I just l laugh at his attempt. I pull him up off the floor and throw him on the bed. He cry's out " please Oliver I don't do this I didn't so anything wrong." I slap him hard when I say hard I mean it. He falls on to his side holding his cheek. I puss him on to his stomach. I pull his pants down he cry's out again does he know that shit isn't going to work. " Please no" he say's it in such a small and weak voice. I don't lesson I smack his ass hard he yelps.

I don't know how many times I spanked him but I stopped after I had him screaming out in pain. your probably thinking that's fuck up. But he should be happy that I want easy on him. He needs to learn to not fuck around with other guys. he's laying on his stomach crying his eyes out to be honest he looks like a sad puppy. I lean down to his ear and Whisper"shhhh baby stop crying your making me sick." I move his hair out of the way he dose what he told and stops crying but it takes a minute or two.

" That's a good boy know are you going to cheat on me again?" I ask he just shacks his head " good I love you baby." I say as kiss his neck " I-I love you too" he says in a weak voice. I take his shirt off I look at his back. some of the cuts are still open. I kiss down his back missing the bad cuts. he flinches couple time I kiss back up his back to he ear. " I'm going to fuck you better  then Jaxson ever did." be continued

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