[ TWO ]

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"i missed this place." yoongi smiled as he looked out the window of his hotel room.

"ah, hyung. your heart really is made out of gold." namjoon laughed, scrolling down his twitter timeline.

"i said this before. that fan has been supporting me even before i got famous with my song, first love. if people really want to think that we're dating, then they can believe what they want. they're too gullible." yoongi shrugged and namjoon laughed, shaking his head.

"can't believe it's only been about a year. you've achieved so much."

"i know," yoongi smiled, "and i'm grateful."

"when are you meeting this fan?" namjoon asked.

"jimin, its jimin," he spoke and looked back at namjoon, "and tomorrow in the morning."

"mhm, does this "jimin" know you're coming?" namjoon asked, putting down his phone and crossing his legs.

"no," he smiled, fixing his robe, "i hope i don't give him a heart attack." he laughed and threw himself on the bed.

he always knew angels existed.

"what's up with you?" mr. park spoke, his lips moving slowly.

jimin simply looked at him and went back to staring out the window.

"hey," he said, grabbing jimin's shoulder, "you're not the only one who's affected by your mother's death. i'm very hurt as well."

jimin's eyes softened, although he couldn't hear the sadness in his father's voice, he could see it. he doesn't know sign language, just because he's so stubborn and refuses to learn it. instead, he carries a notebook and pen. he likes it that way.

at the moment, he doesn't know where he's going.

well, he does. but he doesn't know who he's going to meet.

he simply relaxed and shut his eyes, playing the sound of beautiful music he'll never have the chance to hear again.

jimin felt someone shaking him, he immediately opened his eyes and looked out the window.

they had stopped in front a café.

"they should be joining you soon," his dad spoke slowly, "take care, i love you."

jimin simply looked at him and exited the car, shutting the door, and walking inside the café. his eyes scanned around and he sat on the table farthest from the door.

he sighed and took out his phone, starting to text his friends and before he knew it, someone tapped him on the shoulder and when he turned around, he was face to face with a god.

with a gasp and shout, he covered his mouth and his eyes filled with tears.

"park jimin, i'm guessing? i think you know who i am." yoongi spoke slowly and jimin understood every single word, at this point he was sobbing and people noticed who this certain man was. they had gathered around them and yoongi laughed, taking off his sweater and wrapping it around jimin, covering his face as he pulled him closer to his chest, walking out the café.

"yoongi who is this?"

"what are you doing in korea?"

"is this your friend?"

and out of all the questions that were thrown at him, he only answered one.

"min yoongi, is this your boyfriend?"

"you tell me but hey, yoonmin sounds nice. i ship it." he laughed and planted a kiss on the younger's head.


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