CHP. 08 : The Taoist Priest And The Little Fox

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Li Ping couldn't escape if he wanted to, he also can't afford to shake it off, the pain went from the wrist all the way to the feet, both his knees are kneeling on the ground, cold sweat dripping straight down, he felt completely weak and incompetent.

    He lifted his head to look at Ling Si's eyes, he felt like ice was being poured onto him, this apprentice brother of his was silent most of the time, if he becomes fierce, the consequences will be really unimaginable.

    Li Ping has always been afraid of death, since Ling Si have said this, where he would dare to have any ideas about Su Tang?

    So he changed his tone, and quickly begged for mercy: "What you said is correct apprentice brother, you must not take offense, it will absolutely not be committed again in the future."

    This appearance is truly similar to flattery.

    Ling Si frowned, he did not want to speak any further with him, he shook him off with one hand, Li Ping immediately fell and sprawled onto his back on the ground, followed by his body lying askew, and rolled from the steps down.

    Pīlipālā, there was dust everywhere, a crowd from the prime minister's house came to wait and see, Su Tang did not hold back, he laughed out loud, this was followed up by other people who also laughed with him.

( Note: Pīlipālā = crackling sounds)

    "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha......"

    Li Ping listened to the laughter, his face turned red then white, he wanted to get up quickly, but found he injured his waist.

    Su Tang also noted this point, but still felt angry, luckily he also have a bit of yao Qi, he moved his fingertips, a demon wind blew, the talismans on the door scraped Li Ping's face.

( Note: demon = Yao)

    "Yeah, is this a fake Taoist talisman, how come it flies away when the wind blows!" Su Tang shouted.

    Li Ping was so angry his nose became crooked, he ripped down the fake talismans he drew, his shoulders shivered for a long time, he just want to curse, but suddenly remembered something, he shouted: "he is a demon! He just used yao qì!"

    The surrounding people were shocked, they looked at Su Tang, it was unbelievable, so beautiful a child, how could he be a demon?

    Ling Si's heart constricted, it's heading in a bad direction, this Li Ping is a tactless and impulsive person, just how many can sense yao qì, Su Tang just accidentally used yao qì, so he discovered it.

    The prime minister's household has long been in a panic because of the demons, if Li Ping says it in this way, Su Tang will be pushed off the ridge, but if fǎ qì is used, how can his little fox stand it .....

( Note : fǎ qì = like demon force but for the righteous)
( Note : 浪尖上 / làng jiān shàng = if you try to translate it, it would turn out to be làng : wave, jiān : point, shàng : top, it's kind of similar to a metaphor meaning a terrible place but Google translate came out with ridge, it sounds like what the sentence implies which is push Su Tang off into a terrible place so I let it stayed)

    Ling Si wrinkled his eyebrows, they would want an explanation, however Su Tang jumped in front of him, not afraid of shouting: "Haha, did you hit your head so your seeing circles, isn't this talisman that you drew to suppress demons, if I am a demon, how can you still be standing alive in front of me ah?"

    What Su Tang said is very reasonable, Li Ping was surprised a moment, he suddenly could not speak, he pointed at Su Tang "You you" for a long time, his anger causing his whole body to tremble.

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