I'd Rather Be In Love With...You. Part 16

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I could hear them all laughing and then I opened the door plastering a fake smile onto my face.

"Fay! Oh my god you won't believe...." Hanna cut off as I burst down into tears. I couldn't help it, it just hurt too much.....seeing them all happy....and me....being played like a fool by Chris just made it.....worse!

Sandra was the first to her feet. She kicked the door shut and with her arms around me led me to my bed. "Babe what's wrong?" she whispered to me as she stroked my back.

"H...he...paid someone to....date me!" I cried as Nicky sat on my other side pulling the hair away from my face. Sandra got up and Hanna took her seat. I feel into Nicky's lap and cried louder. Why does it hurt just a little bit more than it had too? Nicky answered that question but no way in hell am I going to believe that! God knows maybe it'll just make it hurt a bit more if I force myself to believe it.

"Hun this is what happens when the person you like doesn't know, they act like total jerks," I sat straight and looked her dead in the eyes, I stopped my sobbing and spoke in a dead voice,

"I.DON'T.LIKE.HIM.I.HATE.HIM!" It was true, or it felt true. Sandra sat on the floor in front of me, her eyes holding pity for me whilst Hanna brought me into her arms. I hugged back trying to get my sobs under control. It's normal to cry but no this much, and not to feel this much pain, he was a friend who made me feel like shit.....yes it should hurt but not sting like this....and Rita, as far as I was concerned I didn't give a shit about her.

She knew me the most, she knew this was something that would only hurt me and yet she went ahead and did that. She just helped all those people in high school step on me a bit more.

"You need to get some sleep," Hanna whispered to me. She stood and asked Nicky and Sandra help get some sheets so they could spend the night here. They left and Hanna gave me a wink before leaving too. As soon as I heard the door shut I fell down on the on my side and cried into my pillow. Is this what friends where good for? No! Look at Nicky, Hanna and Sandra....they wouldn't ever hurt you! But.....Chris would?

I dug my face harder into my pillow trying to muffle my cries but as soon as I heard screaming from outside my room it stopped all the sobs. I stood and made my way to the door. "Leave her alone! She doesn't want to see you!" I heard Sandra scream at someone but I opened the door before the second person could reply.

"Fay! I'm so sorry!" Chris pleaded not just with his voice but with his eyes. I swallowed back the tears that rose again, I ignored the pain that hit my body and I felt my knees buckle. I grabbed the wall for support before looking down at the floor. I couldn't stand looking at him anymore! How could he just do that!?! After everything!

"Whatever." I said dryly making my way back inside. I heard the door bang against the wall as Chris forced his way into the room.

"Fay just hear me out!"

"Hear you out!?! You're a fucking backstabber! What just because I wouldn't give into you, you think paying someone was gonna change me into a slut!?! If you didn't like me for me why didn't you just say! But what you did was low!"

"I didn't pay anyone!" He screamed grabbing my arm and pulling me closer to him, "Why the fuck would I do that Fay!?!"

"Because your you!" I screamed trying to get my arm from his grip.

"God you're so stupid! I didn't know! Rita told me she just wanted you to meet someone, I didn't know she paid him to....to...date or fuck you! Do you think I'd let that happen to anyone if I knew!?! And to you! After everything you've done you think I'd pay you back like that!?!" I looked away from him, I knew my tears where running down my cheeks but I wasn't gonna give up like that.

"Leave me alone Chris."

"Look I know I've been almost ditching you lately.....but I've been trying to get my head together."

"Your head together! Oh yeah, so ditching your friend for your girlfriend is getting your head together!?! Don't lie Chris!"

"You think I'm lying! Fine I'll prove to you what I was thinking about!" He let my arm go and ran to the door where Nicky, Sandra, Hanna and Rita stood just staring at us. He grabbed Rita's hand and slowly pulled her into the room. I was confused but when he stopped right in front of me I saw the look, the look that told me....he wasn't lying at all.

He took both of Rita's hands in his and looked her straight in the eye.

"I'm sorry....but....I...don't feel the same way....it's over," My eyes widened and I just stared at Chris, he was looking down at the floor and Rita just burst into laughter.

"You're joking....right?"

"I didn't mean to hurt you.....but....I just....don't feel anything when I'm with...."

"Is it about this? I swear I'll tell you things from now on!"

"Rita....I'm sorry, it's over." I saw the tears pour from her eyes and then she was out the room running away. Well, what away to dump a girl! He was trying to be strong and yet sensitive to her feelings, something not a lot of guys do. "I should have shut up before and just told her."

He whispered to himself and then looked up at me.

"That's what I was getting my head together about," with that said he left the room, not looking back at me or the girls.


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