bonus convo: 4 : 1 0 am

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"What now.."

"Well, ya see coffee Kale, I was wondering what your GPA is?"

"Psh, like I know."

"I just wanted to know if I was smarter than you."

"Riles, you're in college, I work at a coffee stop. Does that answer your question?"

"No. I'm in college cause I'm more skilled than you. Not smarter."



"To be fair, I make a sick cup of cocoa."

"To be fair, all your sick cocoa's make me sick."

"No they don't! You asked for one everyday!"

"To make you feel good about yourself."

"Wha— You're just jealous!"

"Hush, child. You'll wake the neighbors."

"Mm.. I hate you."

"I hate me too."

"Ugh. I love you."

"I love you too."



"My cocoa's aren't bad right...?"

"No, babe, they're magically delicious."

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