dark n fun

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You blushed furiously as you finally heard rapmonsters voice.

"Ok the phones have no signal and the only light saurce are our phones" he said slowly.

"So in other words we are screwed" Jungkook blurted out but he was saying the truth.

"Yes" rapmonster replied as he looked at you and F/N "im so sorry for this happening" he said with a sad smile.

"I...its fine" you said in a shaky voice and yes, you were scared off the dark which most of the boys realised.
"Awe dont be scared" walked up to you with yoongi who looked worried "we will protect you" they said as you curled yourself into Jimins chest and noded.

Your friend was just screaming inside as Taehyung was holding her hand so that she 'wouldent get lost'. She was enjoying that, alot infact.

You suddenly felt the hours of waiting and leaters of drinks get to you "Umm were is the toilet" you blurted out which caused everyones eyes to widen slightly.

"The thing is there are only the male toilets here and sorry but you cant go by yourself" rapmonster answered while you were jumping up and down trying to hold it in.

"um we could go with her if she dosent mind" Jimin and Yoongi replied, Jimin took your hand "lets go".

'Umm why cant i just go with F/N' you thought as you saw Tae letting F/N rest on his chest while Jungkook and rapmonster were trying to find their way out even though Jin was sleeping on rapmonsters lap.

You got to the toilets and walked straight into a wall.
"Be carefull" both of them said in synk as you walked into the toiled and closed the door behind.

"Well great the members from my favourite band will hear me pee" you said out loud which caused them to burst into laughter, only to made your face that bit more redder.

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