1. The Late New Year's Resolutions

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I hesitantly pushed the heavy metal door of the gym open, feeling slightly timid and out of place as this was somewhere that I did not visit frequently, in fact I don't recall ever visiting the gym in my life.

I wasn't much of a fitness person, I preferred spending my time chilling and watching Netflix without a care in the world. It wasn't that I was lazy, it was more the idea that I would much rather spend my free time doing something I fully enjoyed, rather than working out.

I had made a promise to myself at the beginning of this year, that it was going to be the year that I finally decided that I was ready to get in to shape. However, I was not doing well at keeping this promise as it was now August and I had not made a single effort to try and fulfil my resolutions.

I wasn't necessarily in bad shape, I was more determined to do this as I wanted to focuse on my health and toning my body as I had not done exercise in a long time.

"Uh hi." I walked to the front desk, interrupting the mans furious typing on the computer, his eyebrows furrowed as he stared hardly at the screen.

"How can I help you?" He mumbled not bothering to look up from his work as he continued to tap away.

"I'm looking to sign up for a gym membership." I awkwardly chuckled whilst drumming my fingers on the desk, praying for the encounter to be nearly finished.

I wasn't all that great at human interaction. I ran my own blog, a place where I posted whatever I thought my readers would enjoy, whether that be clothes, advice, makeup, food, any you could think of, I did it. I was thankful that my job required minimum interaction with people, I believed that I was much too awkward to have a job which required me talking to a lot of people.

I was also a photographer, I would consider myself to be an extremely good one at that. Photography was something I always loved to do, ever since I was thirteen years old when my aunt had given me my first ever camera.

Each weekend, me and my best friend, Ollie, would roam the streets of London, finding random spots to take photos and then sell them. I occasionally did the odd special event which paid a lot more than my random photos.

"Sign up forms are at the end of the desk." He pointed without looking to a large pile of forms along with a pot of pens beside it.

Taking a form and a pen, I carefully filled out all of my details, ensuring that I had made no mistakes, even going as far to double check it.

Leaving it in a pile with the others, I returned to the front desk, ready to ask the man yet another question, panicking slightly as I feared that I was bothering him too much.

"Where could I find a personal trainer?" I asked, biting my lip slightly as this decision was made completely on impulse.

"The personal trainer information is on that desk over there. A few business cards and stuff." He once again pointed to a small desk on the far side of the reception, which had leaflets all placed neatly on top of it.

"Thank you very much." I replied, giving him a small smile which he returned, making me feel slightly more relaxed.

Holly Green, personal trainer. I read the small white card, my eyes widening at the sight of the price, £75 an hour was something I was not willing to spend.

Scanning through each of the small individual cards the prices seeming to get lower, however only slightly. Right at the back, there was a black card with white writing, which stood out from the typical white card with black writing.

Hemmings training. Was printed on the front, charging only £30 an hour which seemed a much more reasonable price.

Quickly, I typed the number into my phone whilst sitting down on one of the black armchairs beside the table.

After the fourth ring, a gruff voice answered the phone.

"Hello?" The voice spoke.

"Yeah, uh hi, I was phoning about a personal trainer." I chewed the bottom of my lip, praying that I had wrote down the number correctly.

"Sure. Uh you can pay £30 an hour for one night a week or you can pay £150 for a whole month which will include four nights of training a week, all of which will last two hours." He hastily spoke out as though he was in a rush.

I worked out each of the plans in my head, finally deciding that the month plan would work better for me, this way I would have to stick out the full month as I knew it was already paid for.

"The month plan please."

"Alright, I just need your last name, your phone number and your email address." He spoke, this time slightly less rushed.

I recited out my phone number which I had learned the very same day I had bought my phone, along with her email address.

"Uh, my email address is skylarloves_onedirection@phonemail.co." I could feel the blush forming on my cheeks as I recited my email address, cursing at myself for still not having a new one made. But this was the email I used for everything.

I could hear the mans low chuckle from the other end of the phone, further adding to my embarrassment.

"My lasts names Boyd, first name is Skylar." I liked my name. It was unique and I had yet in my 21 years of living to come across another person with the same name as my own.

"I'll email you the application forms and you can send them back. Then either text me or email me which days you'd like to do." We quickly exchanged goodbyes before hanging up the phone.

I left the gym eager to tell Ollie all about what I had just done and that he should be extremely proud of me as I was finally, six months later, going through with my New Years resolution.


Word count: 1050

So yeah, new Luke fanfic.

I'm not really sure where exactly this is gonna go.

Hope you all enjoy and let me know your thoughts so far x

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