Chapter 1

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I woke up from my bed because of my stupid alarm. I sat up in my bed and stretched. I looked at my phone and turned the alarm off. It was 10am. I told myself i wasnt going to sleep in alot anymore.

I got out of my bed and walked out of my room and to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and took my bonnet off of my head letting my hair fall.

I grabbed my brush and brushed my hair back into a ponytail. I then walked out of the bathroom and then went downstairs. My sister Gabby was already up with my bestfriend Sage.

We all live together. Sage moved into the house after we finished highschool three years ago.

My sister is three years older than us. She is a great big sister/mother if you ask me.

"Good morning my lovely ladies". I said walking into the living room.

Sage yawned while she was laying on the couch. "Morning Gallery". Sage said.

I went over and sat on her legs.

"Oh get your fat ass off of me". She said moving her legs.

"Nah this is comfy". I smiled at her while she just glared.

"Good morning sis". Gabby said.

My sister said on her laptop in her chair.

"Aww and i was thinking you forgot about me". I said getting up and going over to her and slide in her lap making her laptop close.

"Really Galleria i have to finish this paper before the deadline".

I rolled my eyes and got up from her lap. My sister is probably one of the best publicist in the country.

She is also an amazing manager. Thats like her side job i would say.

I sat on the floor and looked at the tv they were watching the divorce court. Well i should say Sage she loves shows like this.

"Sage cant we watch Jerry or something else".

She rolled her eyes. "Umm no i was here first and i dont like Jerry that show is fake".

"Oh and this isnt"?

"No". She said while sitting up. "But what are our plans today"? She asked.

I got up off the floor. "Well since Miss Deadline has to finish her thing it will be just you and i". I told her walking out of the living room.

I could feel and hear Sage behind me as i walked into out office. Our office wasnt like any old office. We had maps all over the walls with people we have killed and people we want to kill.

If a regular person walked in here they wouldnt be too happy. Probably call the human police.

I went over to my desk, since we have three desk obviously. I logged into my computer and looked up our next victim.

"Okay our next wolf is this lady. She lets men come and rape her own daughter and you know how i feel about this shit". I told Sage.

"Yes i know but when do we take down Alpha Retard". She said pointing over to the map.

I rolled my chair over to his ugly face. He lives in The United Kingdom and his pack is huge. Three she wolves taking on the big wolf like him we would need backup.

"Not yet".

"Oh not yet but how many more kids will he kill and how many more people will he rape and ho-".

"Stop". I said cutting her off. "If we try and kill him now we will be dead. Do you not understand that"?

"Its just this asshole needs to die before anymore kids go missing".

"Trust me we will get him".

I rolled my chair back to my desk and begin looking up some stuff on this lady we are taking down tonight.

"We need to get her daughter out tonight before another man comes and hurts her".

"Oooh you know what pack would be good for her? The all female pack. I dont think she would trust any males".

I shook my head. "No i dont think so. We can discuss this with Gabby after we get the little girl".

"Can we go eat im hungry". Sage said.

"Yeah let me just put on some sweats and a jacket fall weather aint no joke". I told her standing up.

"Thats why im wearing my little house booties". She said dancing around.

"Please stop because we both know you can not dance". I told her as i walked out of the office

"Such a hater". She said as i went upstairs to change.

I put on some sweats and my jacket. Then put on my Nike shoes. I grabbed my little bookbag and went downstairs.

"You look like you just woke up". Sage said.

"Annnd im not trying to look cute for anyone. We are just going to breakfast plus its cold outside".

"What if you find your mate huh, you looking like a bum".

I rolled my eyes as she followed me to the living room.

"Want anything while we are out Gabby"?

She looked up and over at us. "Actually i would love a waffle and some bacon".

"Waffle house it is". I said.

"Yes i really wanted a waffle". Sage said.

"We will be back later need to pick up some things for tonight".

"Who are you killing tonight"? My sister asked

"Some bitch lady". Sage said walking up beside me.

"Oh the one with the little girl".

I nodded and sat on the couch and just sighed looking at my sister. "She's three years old Gabby fucking three. And this lady had men raping and hurting her". I told her trying not to cry.

"Galleria i understand that you are upset but remember the little one is your priority. Get her out and get her the help she needs then kill the bitch". My sister told me.

I know my anger will get the best of me and so does my sister. And she knows how to calm me down.

Get the little girl and then kill the bitch. Got it.









My new story. I want to do this one last story something I've never done before.

Let's give our women some independence.

Plus I am hoping this will be a good story.

But in my stories you guys know I want mates so they will have mates but they won't be the kind that's scared of their mates nope not this time.

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