12: Gone

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"I knew something was familiar about you!" Ford frowned.

"Put the gun down, Sixer." Bill slowly put his hands up.

"Why should I?" Ford asked. "I thought we defeated you! How are you back?"

"You can't kill a demon." Bill explained. "You killed my old form, but I do have a demon soul."

"I don't believe that." Ford shook his head. "Now get away from Mabel!"

He looked at Mabel with fear in his eyes.

"Fine, Mabel, come here now!" Ford raised his voice.

The door creaked and Dipper came inside. "Hey guys, what going on-"

"Phil is really Bill, Dipper." Ford explained. "And I knew it since I saw him!"

"Listen, do whatever you want to do to me," Bill sighed, "but at least let me tell you that I'm different."

"You expect me to believe that after all the terrible things you did!?" Ford frowned. "You almost killed my family!"

"Grunkle Ford," Mabel chimed in, "if you won't listen to Bill, listen to me. He's changed."

"Demons don't change, Mabel." Ford said. "He's probably just playing some game with you."

"No." Mabel shook her head. "He really has changed, Ford!"

"He's brainwashing you!" Ford grunted.

"Ford, listen to me now." Dipper chimed in. "I didn't trust Bill at first, but then he proved to me that he's different. He's almost normal."

"Bill," Ford growled, "you've hypnotized my family. Don't worry, twins, once I blast Bill with this laser, you'll be safe again."

"Grunke Ford, no!" Mabel cried.

"Ford, stop!" Dipper pleaded, grabbing onto Ford's arm.

But it was too late. Ford pulled the trigger at Bill, making a laser shoot out of it, hitting Bill directly in the chest. Bill dropped to his knees in pain.

"Bill!" Mabel ran to him.

And then, Bill began to disintegrate. "Shooting Star,"

Tears formed in Mabel's eyes. She held tightly on to Bill's hand.

"Yes, Bill?"

"Shake my hand." Bill whispered with pain. "I will come back to you."

And with that, he completely disappeared.

Tears streamed down Mabel's face. She could hardly look at Ford.

"Why are you crying?" Ford frowned. "Did he hurt you?"

"Bill didn't hurt me, Ford." Mabel turned to face him. "You did."

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