10: Hiding Secrets

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"Woah, this stuff tastes amazing!" Bill smiled as he drank his lemonade.

"Isn't it the best?" Mabel smiled.

"It's even better than blood!" Bill gazed at the lemonade.

Before Dipper could say anything about Bill's statement, Mabel changed the subject. "Sooooo, Bill, what do you think of the business?"

"I hate it." Bill frowned. "Angry customers, huge rushes, dealing with money, how can anyone do that every single day?"

"Patience." Mabel smiled.

"You'll get used to it, trust me." Dipper added.

Bill took another sip of lemonade. "So what now? Do we work again?"

"Not until tomorrow." Mabel smiled. "Soos and Wendy have the last shift."

"Oh," Bill nodded, "I get it."

"So we can do whatever we want." Mabel cheered.

"Well, what's there to do?" Bill asked.

Dipper shrugged. "I don't want to know what you did for 'fun' in your old form, but Mabel and I love holding a game of mini golf in the attic."

"What's 'golf'?" Bill asked.

Dipper slapped his forehead.

Mabel put her hand on his shoulder. "We will teach you the ways."

Grunkle Stan walked into the kitchen. "How was the Gift Shop today?"

"Busy as usual." Dipper sighed.

"Good," Stan nodded, "that means they gave you a lot of money!"

"They sure did," Mabel smiled, "we made over $300!"

"That's music to my ears!" Stan grinned and high-fived Mabel.

"By the way," Stan rummaged through the fridge, "did you find the gnomes today?"

The twins immediately froze. Once Bill would find out about the new journals, he'd be furious.

Mabel tried to play it cool. "Uh, no we didn't."

"Those little bastards." Stan groaned.

"W-we'll try finding them next time." Dipper nervously laughed.

Then, Bill chimed into the conversation, "What do you mean?"

Stan, thinking that Bill was a foreigner to Gravity Falls, laughed. "Oh, we lost our garden gnomes and we think that someone stole them."

"Oh." Bill was convinced and nodded. "Well, I hope you find them too!"

Dipper and Mabel sighed in relief. Thank goodness for Grunkle Stan.

"Now you kids have fun." Stan began walking away. "Dinner's at six."

As Stan left, the twins knew they had to change the subject before Bill suspected anything.

"So how about mini golf?" Mabel smiled.

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