I - Nick

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I picked up the chess piece, looking at the white knight in the evening light. Was he truly gone? It hurt to think that; it twisted a piece of my heart that I hadn't felt in centuries. Sin was more than just a fledgling to me.

Setting the knight down beside the board, I looked out over the city. We needed to focus on Seth and his brother. At least we now had Michaela's location and could keep an eye on Seth's brother. From what Jay's informants tell me, he's kept drugged during the day, but at night he's free to walk around. It's strange. Do they think it's odd that he can walk in the light? Surely, Michaela was old enough to know the signs of a Lightwalker, even if most of her kiss was less than 20 years turned.

"Preparations are nearly complete, Nickolas."

Samera stood at the door, a small notebook in her delicate hands.

"We'll leave at dusk, then," I told her, turning away from the window. "Be sure to have our transportation ready."

She nodded and left me alone with my unpleasant thoughts. 

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