Aiden POV 

I can't begin to describe how much I love Charlotte. I fell in love with her the moment she spoke back to me at the bar. Her feisty and firey side spoke out to me. I lusted for her since. She and I may not see eye to eye, but I know that she will love me. I come back home and see that she and her aunt were ready for dinner. I smile as she twirls around in her new dress. Her hair curled and her smile radiating the room and her laugh was so unique. She sees me and lowers her face in fear. I walk up towards her and held her face in my hand. "Smile, my love. You look breathtaking." She smiles again as I kiss her trembling lips. She melts into my arms as I held her close. "We better be going if we are to make it to the restaurant," I said. Both women nodded in agreement and we left towards the limo I had waiting for us. We drive through the city as Charlotte and her aunt are staring at the tall buildings and the many lights that illuminate our beautiful city. I sneak my hand into hers and I hold her. She gasps quietly and looks at me. She then moves closer to me and says, "I know that we're different but will we learn to love each other?" Her questioned shocked me. "Of course we will. I already love you." I grasp her face with my finger and kissed her again. Soon, we were interrupted by the valet opening our door. "We'll continue this at home." I whispered. She sent me a smirk that made me hard. I couldn't wait to have her tonight. 

Two Hours Later

After we left the restaurant, the limo took us back to the penthouse and her aunt retired to her bedroom. Charlotte and I go to our room, undressing each other. She seems tired after the day we had. She goes to the closet and looks for pajamas. "I only brought you nighties. You can use my pajamas tonight." I said to her after she rummaged through the closet. I handed her the pajamas and she changed in private. "We're married now. Why are you hiding from me?" She stood there and said, "I had a good time tonight, but I want to sleep in the guest bedroom." Charlotte left the bedroom. I was confused. She was fine a minute ago. The Voice began to take over. "Find her and bring her back!" 

Charlotte POV

I left Aiden's room to go to the guest bedroom. After searching through the closet, I found pictures of me. Multiple pictures of me in my bedroom, at work, walking around New York. I felt very uncomfortable and wanted to be by myself. I stepped into the bedroom and laid on the bed. Soon, there was a knock on the door. I go to open the door and I see that Aiden looks upset. "Why did you leave? Come back to the room." He said. I started to stutter. "A-A-Aiden. I want to be alone tonight. I'm tired and I know you wanted to make love tonight. I feel so tired. I-I-I'll see you tomorrow morning." I try to shut the door and Aiden lodges his foot in the door. "I want you in my bed. Not this one. Come back, now." "No! I want to be alone for now. I'll see you tomorrow!" I was able to move his foot away and close the door. I locked it behind me. I nestled in my bed and turned the lights off. As I was falling asleep, I heard the lock click. The door opened and there stood Aiden, shirtless and in boxers. "Charlotte..." He whispered. I pretended to be asleep and I moaned slightly. "You asleep?" He asked. "Hmm..." I replied. Aiden uncovered my blankets and got into bed with me. "I just want you near." He whispered. I felt a kiss on my neck and an arm wrapped around me. I felt so close to him but yet, I was still scared. Why would he look at someone like me?

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