9: Long Day

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The twins went upstairs to the attic and Dipper shut the door behind them.

"If you're just gonna scold me, Dipper, I don't wanna hear it." Mabel said.

"No...I'm not going to do that." Dipper said, making Mabel's eyes widen.


"It's your life, so you do what you know what's best for you." Dipper smiled. "You know if people are trustful or not and it's obvious that you trust Bill."

Mabel nodded.

"I'm still uneasy about Bill because of our past, but if he's going to be your new boyfriend, I'll try my best to forgive and forget the old him." Dipper gently smiled.

Mabel grinned before hugging her brother tightly. "Thank you thank you thank you for understanding, bro bro!"

"Yeah, yeah." Dipper laughed.

She unhugged him and scratched her head. "And I know you were just being protective. I'll be safe and smart and if I suspect anything funny from Bill, I'll call him out. Sounds good?"

Dipper nodded. "Sounds good."

They headed back downstairs to the Gift Shop, where Bill was trying to deal with a customer, who was yelling at him and waving their money at him.

Bill noticed the twins and threw his arms in the air. "Thank goodness you're back!"

Mabel chuckled and went over to take care of the angry customer.

As Mabel explained to Bill what to do, Dipper smiled.

Maybe he really has changed. Dipper thought. But I'm still keeping an eye on him.

The rest of the afternoon, the three worked in the Gift Shop. Customers came and left, buying merchandise, and when the last customer left, Dipper decided the day was done.

"That was exhausting." Bill whined. "How do you guys do it all the time?"

"Years of practice." Dipper laughed.

"How about we get some lemonade?" Mabel smiled. "We all deserve it."

As they went to the kitchen, Bill bumped into someone and looked up. "Oh, I'm sorry."

It was Ford. He looked at Bill with a confused look. "Who are you?"

"Oh, uh," Bill mumbled, "I'm Phil. I go to school with the twins."

"I see." Ford nods.

"I just arrived today, actually."

Ford hesitated then smiled. "Well, welcome to Gravity Falls, Phil."

As Ford walked away, he immediately suspected something off about Phil.

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