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To my dear readers,
Hey guys I know this is very very rush. I might change it in the future but this is really the end for now. I love this story alot. I wonder how many can agree with me but, I am no writer. I know I made terrible at it too. The only thing I have going for me is my imagination so yeah. Sorry about the quality. I  just wanted to share my imagination. I love reading fanfic . Alot. And watt pad stories are good. It's just that people tend to always use the same idea. Hence the reason for my stories. I want to let other people read my stories and perhaps inspire others to write a different type of story for me to read. The reason why I think my stories are all unique to you guys is because it doesn't follow the same concept compared to other fanfic.

Might sound cocky...

Let me know why you think my stories are unique and ways to improve.

From your author.

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