hello my dear readers :

i know i'm a shitty person for not updating in so long but i need to talk that i've been thinking about something this is why i was taking a break from wattpad . i hpe you guys understand me .

first : in this coming december i maybe shifting to islamabad from karachi and i'm going through some of my document work lately . my work is done here but my house is under construction so i'm still here and trying to get my head straight to something that i love .

second : one of the main character from my book got married and i really don't want them to google this and this story came up as i'm not satisfied with the plot and with not so good grammer too.

third : my both stories are on same plot and is gonna end same probably . this is what i realized recently and from this is where all my thoughts of deleting both came .

fourth : my story really had many plot holes , grammer mistakes , really immaturely written and immature scenes that makes the book cringy for me and some of the reads .

fifth : i'm gonna update the last chapter of beqaadran yaar but after a week or so i'm going to delete both books as both has same mistakes .

sixth : i'm working on an another book but i'll keep it professional no fan fiction as i truly want to write a story where you can imagine any one and i can imagine too .

seventh : the next book is gonna be in english as there so many people who are finding hard to read in roman and i'm also having problems with that too .

eighth : i want to write another book as it gonna be my last book here so i want to leave a good gift for my readers .

ninth : i hope you all understand i'll keep updating about the new book cause i know you guys love my both book so i'm gonna have the same love on that too .

tenth : i will not become a late person on that book and i hope you guys love me too .

i'm really gonna miss these characters and wait for another update <3  

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