= Chapter 46 =

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" When your eyes met mine, it felt like I was falling...for you."

-Jeremy Lockhart

"I swear one last kiss, then I'll pull up to the side." He pleaded for the fifteen time and though I was yearning for a snack break, I couldn't resist and pecked his lips one last time. Damn, it was becoming an addiction already.

With that last peck, he sighed in defect and pulled up at the nearest petrol station.

"If you're gonna walk that slow for a snack, I might as well just use all the money to buy food for myself! " He teased before sprinting towards the entrance of the small retail shop. Feeling my stomach screaming for food, I chased after him. Our laughters filled the quiet deserted road like young kids just engulfed in young love.

Looking ahead, I noticed how Jeremy stopped abruptly at the door of the shop, before he crouched down cautiously.

I frowned at his behavior, he seemed to be hiding from something or someone.
Approaching him with a lopsided smile, I reached out to pull him back up to his feet but he did otherwise.

Grabbing my wrist, he pulled me flushed against his chest. Yelping in surprise, he covered my mouth and pointed to the cashier in the shop.

Licking his palm that covered my mouth, he pulled his hand almost immediately from my mouth with a playful look. I looked closely at the cashier, he looked so familiar...then it snapped.

"Oh my lord, I can't believe it!" I covered my mouth to muffle my laughter. Jeremy just glared at my reaction, I bet he was hoping never to see him again but...

"Isn't he the guy you had to hit on the previous time when I stole those tampons!! What was his name again? Was it—" he interrupted me with an annoyed tone.


"Oh yes of course, you definitely remembered his name. If I'm not wrong, you did promise him a date..." I winked mischievously at Jeremy.

"This is all your fault. What are we gonna do now? I'm starving! " He whined miserably.

"Well...you could flirt with him to get free food?" I suggested with a grin but he shook his head with dead serious glint in his eyes.

After much thought, his eyes lit up and a devilish smile spread across his lips.

"Why are you looking at me like that...?" I paused, feeling slightly afraid of his wild ideas.

He stood up and simply shrugged, before circling his hand around my wrist to pull me up to my feet.

"Wait Jeremy?! What...?" I was stunned that he was just walking in without a care. As we strolled in, Gavin didn't even spare us a glance as he was too busy scrolling through his phone. Jeremy tugged me to the back of the shop, to the corner where Gavin couldn't see us.

"We're going to get the snacks now but we have to be quiet so that Gavin wouldn't look up, okay?" He instructed, but I was still utterly confuse on how we were going to avoid Gavin when we pay.

Nodding reluctantly, I ran through the alleys of sweets with Jeremy following behind. Stacking packets of chips and MnMs' on my arms, I continuously looked back at Jeremy who was keeping a look out.

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