How to change a life; chapter 11 -- Jessica

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Shorty; look into Jess's thoughts. This is an important part to the story btw ;).

Oh && thats Chase in the pic...


Jessica Esteggo


I lay across my bedroom floor, staring around at the walls covered in hot guys id gladly bang. Why couldn't it be one of their kid that I was carrying around? I didn't even know who the dad was. I mean I know I'm kind of whorish, but I haven't slept with that many guys.

Think, Jess, think...

'Shut up virgin, boy!'

'Stop mocking me, its not funny. Why don't girls want me?'

'They do, but they don't know you want them. They think-'

'That I'm gay. I know and I'm NOT!'

'You sure?'

'Yes! I'll prove it...'

I jumped to my feet. No. It couldn't be. Not him. NO! My baby was going to be hot with piercing blue eyes and funky purple hair, not a weird looking thing with webbed feet and a snub nose... like his dad.

I ran into my bedroom and looked at my cell. It was staring up at me. Daring me to do it, calling me a coward. I scowled and picked it up and dialled... I hated even thinking his name... Chase.

"Hello?" his voice answered, like he had just been sleeping.

"Chase, sit down. I have something to tell you." I told him and took my own advise by taking a seat on the edge of my bed.

"What? Who is this? Jess?"

"No, it's Jesus I have come to save your soul," I muttered sarcastically. "Of course its me. God, what you lack in brains sure makes up in sperm count don't it? Maybe that's how god balanced out your stupidness."

"What the hell are you talking about? What do you have to tell me? Are you alright?"

"Ok, what I'm about to tell you is major. Warning; side effects may include loss of breath, dizziness, queasiness, general shock or maybe even death. I am experiencing all of those things and the last one will happen as soon as you tell your folks, but-"

"Jess, just spit it out!" he snapped.

"I'm pregnant." I told him.

"Uh, yah, I know." he chuckled.

"It's yours."

... oh he proved it alright. So NOT gay.

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