"No Emotions ~ Roc Royal Story "

Chapter 1

Nae's POV--

I woke up, my body aching from the night before. I still remember it like the back of my hand. His arms crashing me into the wall against my own free will, my beautiful dress from the night before being torn in pieces.

Fresh salty tears came to my eyes before I even realized it. In between my legs felt like a thousand knives were stabbing at it.

I got up from the bed, a stinging pain coming through my stomach shot up. I didn't want to get up knowing he'd be here waiting for my presence. So, I didn't waste a air not trying to get downstairs. I was tired, frustrated.

I never understood why he always took his anger out on me. He claimed he loved me when all he did was torture and hurt me. So, from now on, I don't care. I'll do whatever he says.

I'll show him no emotion at all. It dosen't matter to me anymore. He can go and f**k any girl he wants. I don't mind anymore. Sorry, for not introducing myself.

My name's Nae, just Nae. Me and Roc have been dating for a whole 1 year and 6 months. Our relationship was perfect until he started hitting me, I never understood why.

He lost all his family in a car crash right in the middle of our realtionship and ever since then, he just dosen't seem the same way about me anymore.

So, he takes it out all on me. Now, I just don't care. It USED to hurt me when he went out wth those girls and came back with their scent all over him.

It USED to hurt me when he looked at me lke I was a scumbag. He USED to hurt me. Now, nothing matters to me now.

We used to be the perfect couple in high school. Now, I don't understand what we are.

He hits me, I cry, complain about it and swear that I will show no emotion next time he hits me but I go crawling back for more. I always confused myself, thinking that Roc actually stilled love me.

We have a house together. Of course he's the king of the house and I'm just the maid. I obey his rules and never speak bad back to him.

I always hoped one day he'll wake up and stop treating me the way that he does.

That day never camed.

"Nae, I want some eggs." Roc demanded as soon as he saw me coming down from the stairs. Not bothering to even conversate with him or give attitude back, I went and did what I was told.

I made him some eggs and placed it nicely on his table.

Roc didn't like when I sat near him when I ate because he thought I was an ugly excuse for a human being so I always waited until he was done eating and left the house to eat which was always aroung 6:00pm. 

So, I went upstairs to my "ROOM" which is a storage closet. Its been my room ever since his parents died. I had a ragged blanket and the old teddy bear Roc had given to me when we first started going out. 

I was about to close the door when Roc barged in to my closet/room.

"Are you giving me attitude?" Roc said. I didn't understand him anymore. He hated when I disobeyed his rules but he hated it even more when I followed them.

I shook my head as in a no.

"Answer me correctly." Roc said more angry.

"No Roc, I-I wasn't giving you any attitude."

"Why are you stuttering?" Roc exclaimed, he raised his hand. And I flinched.

He took one more good look at me and I could've swore I saw love in his eyes, just wandering around in his iris.

I step back, being prepared for his beatings. But the hand never camed.

"Roc, I'-I'm ready for my punishment now. I'-I'm ready." I said waiting.

He looked at me and a tear escaped his eyes and he ran out my room.

I ran out the room, running to Roc. I pulled his jacket collar. I didn't understand. Why was he crying?

Had I become that ugly? Why isn't he-? I'm probably sounding like a druggie now. But, I admit it. I like it when Roc hit me. That was the only time, I only got any love from him. Through hitting me. Its the only time he ever touches me. I'm actually grateful that he still comes home.

"Roc, I-I'm sorry. Aren't you going to beat me?" I said.

"Your so weak, its funny. Now you WANT me to hit you? Your pathetic. Real pathetic." He said.

I just stared shock my mouth hanging down. I looked down at my dirty ragged brown/white dress.

Then he walked right out the door.

Taking my heart with him.

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