Extra #4

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September 2011, 10:20 AM

Eating alone at a popular cafe in town was totally not a good idea.

I noticed that some students were around the area, mingling and laughing along with their friends. They didn't notice me sitting on the edge of the room, just beside the display window, though.

I heard from Rena that this cafe was owned by a family with twins, and that they were enrolled at the same school as Rena's brother. They were here earlier this day, one of them was talking with a red haired girl. She was probably a good friend, so I didn't bother them that much.

I hope Rena will come as quickly as possible... I thought, glancing back at the menu. She was supposed to be done helping her father setting up and decorating her family's restaurant. Well... I guess helping her family takes more time than what I expect...

Thankfully, she picked the cafe which was located in Downtown district, so it was easy for me to find. Now that's what I called being an attentive friend!

I was familiar with all of the shops, places of sight and the streets, thanks to my routine; a Saturday walk with Dani.

Well, she can travel to places beyond my reach, since I allowed her to explore around the town. She would usually come back in the afternoon, through the back door that my family let it open, meowing as a sign of her arrival. Therefore, whenever I need to go somewhere unknown, I could just bring my tour guide, Dani, with me.

Gripping on the menu, my eyes darted around the area, seeing lots of people cramming the entire seats. I could see the waiters and waitresses struggling to get through the customers' request, as they were literally everywhere. I looked back at the book, tracing an outline of the cappucino pictured. I seriously didn't know what to order; there were variations of blended coffee that looked refreshing.

Rena told me to order ahead of her, so I did. There was already a cheese croissant on my table. I haven't eaten it, so the food was left completely untouched. Besides, I haven't ordered something to drink, and my eyes were currently pasted on the menu, searching for the best coffee. Rena... please be fast for once... I'm getting really awkward sitting here all alone...

"H... have you decided your order yet?"

A male voice spoke up while I was scanning through the list. I was glad to see that a waiter was kind enough to offer me his assistance, but something seemed... off. First of all, that voice sounded too familiar, like I ever heard of it out of nowhere. I decided to glance up, only to come face to face with a blond haired boy. He was just like your typical formal waiter; he was wearing a black vest and a white, long-sleeved shirt, with a black ribbon on the collar.

Something was different, though: his blue eyes refused to meet my gaze.

Not eyes, just a simple eye.

The other one was covered by his hair.

Wait for a second...

I recognized this person...

"Ed... Edward...? Wha..." I muttered out his name, and instantly, he stiffened. In less than a second, my frown flipped upside down, "what are you doing out here?"

"...Edward? Who's that...? I'm afraid you are calling the wrong person," there was a brief pause, before he cleared his throat and answered me. It was obvious that he was trying to act all cool and made his expression difficult to read, but then his legs started shifting around.

"Ed, stop pretending. I know it's you."

"For your information, my name's Christopher, not Edward," he corrected me, "I don't even know any Edwards except the guy who owned this cafe."

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