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All the Characters I have created has come out of my imagination and so have the places that are mentioned in this book.

please do not accuse me of copy right as I have created this from pure plans and imagination


The Darkness, is all that I can see no colour, no light, its pitch black. 

My eyes itched to see, the bright colours that must surround me, but it was as if they were sewed together, unable to open my eyes I was stuck to seeing black, the night.This might be my life but, this was not the life I wished for. I know that it would be foreign to the people of the light, the voice that runs through my head seems to paralyse me, not allowing me to escape the prison of darkness.

The cold unyielding grip mercilessly squeezes me, forbidding me to move, the room - at least I think it was a room, had not been used for a while for a musty stench surrounded me. My ears pick up my ragged breathing, my mouth, cracked and dry with no water to run down my parched throat, I longed to tasted the people of the light's food but sitting in the 'chamber' I had no contact to the outside, my vision would not help, my limbs were weak, too weak to Stand let alone to move, I was numb all over with the cold was this a way to break me was this a way to destroy me, strip me of my privileges? My thoughts run wild as I delve deeper into the world of nothing, a cough races through my body shaking me about. The thud of unknown shoes walk past the 'room' I was in. Muffled voices was heard that was new, I was unaware of the door opening and closing, Someone was here.

"LIGHTS!" a voice roared jolting me out of my daze, I lift my sluggish head knowing that I would not see, "So this is the maiden" a deep voice startled me. I coughed again my chest constricting making mouth open as if I was screaming in pain as something was ripped off me, as my eyes flew open, a blinding light rushed to meet me. This time I screamed, it was feeble but full of the pain I had held in, my vision was blurry I immediately close my eyes unfamiliar to the light encircling me A silky hand grasp my chin I pulled back afraid, my ears only just register the growl of annoyance "All Maidens seem scared at me" the person mumbled I look up sharply my eyes burning with anger Staring at the person in front of me I notice that it is a man

"Scared-" I released a cough that rattled my body "of you" I rasp "How bizarre" I finish

weakly The man walks up to me his eyes narrowed in anger grabbing my throat he pushes my up to a wall I never knew was there I took my time to examine him, he seem familiar like I had known him in a past life

"What do you mean?" he Hissed through clenched teeth I feebly struggle to escape his rough grasp the man tightens his grip "ANSWER ME!" he yelled his face twisted in a frown I close my eyes hoping to get away from the nightmare in front of me "That will not help Sweetie" he hissed I hesitantly open my eyes the man glances at me letting go he steps back "I am Prince Hunter Robbins, Heir to The throne" he paused "Welcome to the Kingdom Of Ediwyn" he stated pulling himself up as if to make him look taller Prince Hunter stared at me as if he was waiting for me to throw myself at his feet I stare at him them my macales, he sighed "I am Prince-"

"Stop right there Prince Hunter" I whisper Hoarsely Hunter lifted his mouth into a half smile, I raise my head to meet his piercing gaze, "Can I leave?" I ask, my eyes unfocused, his face fell I quickly look down to hide my smile

"No" he said tilting his head up Sighing I try to turn away but the chains kept me frozen in place. He frowned "Oh my beautiful princess why would you want to leave?" he spat his eyes wild with anger, I wished that I could shrink but the chains restrict me. His eyes flash with an emotion that makes me shudder.

"Because I want to" I croak prince Hunter leered at me

"Well princess" he snarled closing his eyes; Hunter whispered some barley audio words "take it easy hunter, be calm" if I had some food it would be all over him by now. Hunter crouched beside me revealing his forced smile his filthy hand reached out to stroke my silky hair "such a beautiful colour" he Whispered "Stunning, Auburn hair" he continued whispering, I jerk my head away Prince Hunter glares at me "You are to be my betrothed" he yelled at me I close my eyes afraid of what he might do next "You look like my father... As a girl" I choke back my retort "You shall be my queen" he said softly as I open my eyes I look down disgusted Prince hunter sighed then left me in the dark, restricting room as the door closed my eyes widen with fear; the walls closed in on me, the coldness overtook me it pulled me down to where it wanted me to be, rats scurried across my legs closing my eyes I did the only thing that came to mind. I screamed louder than the one earlierly as if The meet and greet with prince hunter; the loud echo of heavy boots grew louder with each step the person took my eyes drooped down with weariness a loud scraping noise could be heard but my eyes were fluttering shut, my head pounded with every breath I took maybe if I let sleep come I would be fine... My thoughts drifted off as the blanket of sleep took a hold of me.

They were coming at me in four directions, men wearing a symbol that had three words under it Royaume d'Ediwyn (Kingdom of Ediwyn) the wind swirled around me like a snake the men hacked at my windshield only for no success they all backed up for something, it towered over me, I gulped as it hammered down on the shield of wind, cruel laughter fill my ears as the wind wavered my eyes searched desperately for an escape. I felt it, the wind was gone and so was my powers, the stone had deprived me of it closing my eyes I let the warriors of Ediwyn surround me, looking over their shoulders I stare at the figure running to me pain etched on his face looking at him I use the last if my strength and blew a message to him "leave me" The Ediwyn men looked about confused as they heard the message exhausted I collapsed to the ground and let the men take me, the last face I saw was Prince Hunter.

My eyes flew open, my face was drenched in sweat there, Standing in front of me was the man that took my freedom glaring at him I found courage to hiss at him. He merely threw his head back and roared with a laugh that had haunted my dream "Get away" I hissed Prince Hunter laughed startling my to coughs, they racked my body; made me thrash out in pain,

"You are MY Betrothed" he roared after a moment of silence, "then turned heel and slammed the door shut, leaving me to hear the retreating thuds of his shoes"That went well" a voice whispered in my head as the sleepiness overtook me once again.


So this is the first Chapter, do you like it? Is there any changes I need to make? I have reread it over and over again but I need an outside eyes to spot any mistakes I missed for you can think it is edited to the best of what you can do read over a mistake and not see it there! 

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