Than's POV

I watched as the trees blurred past us. We were now driving out to my home so that he would get acquainted with his new living quarters and learn what I expected out of him. He had been sitting in the passenger seat of my Porsche quietly. He had not spoken since I told him to fix himself up at back in the Underworld. I looked over at him for what seemed like the hundredth time since we started this trip to my home.

He sat there unmoving, staring out the window as everything flew past. The expression on his face is what really killed me. It was nothing but a blank stare, there was no evidence of anger, frustration, or pain and his playful side definitely was gone now. Anything would be better than this blankness, even his annoying back talk would be better than the stoic silence that permeated the small space between us

"Do you have any questions about your living arrangement?"

He didn't answer. He didn't even move, just stared out the window and watched the sights float by. I wanted to apologize to him. I wanted to see him smiling; laughing, even poking fun at me...anything was better than him staring blankly out the window.

We reached the gates that separated my estate from the rest of the world; it was built by Hephaestus to specifically keep mortals out and Cerberus in. I know I wasn't supposed to take him from the Underworld but I couldn't help it, he was my baby.

My window rolled down and I reached out to punch in the code for the gates. Once the code was put in the gates rolled apart allowing me to drive through. The drive up to my house from the gates was a long one. My property was large since I had to be able to accommodate Cerberus and his size; there were plenty of large redwood trees that shielded what happened at my home from the outside world.

After driving for about half an hour we reached the front of my home. I pulled up close to the front door and got out of the car. Hermes sat there, still staring out the window blankly. I walked over to his side of the car and opened the door. He looked up at me, unbuckled his seat belt and left the car. He stood by the side of the car waiting for me so that he could follow me inside.

I walked around to the trunk of the car and opened it, pulling out a small black box with a simple red ribbon wrapped around it ending in a bow at the top. I walked back over to Hermes, with the hand that wasn't holding the box I reached forward and held his hand in mines. When I was satisfied that he wasn't going to move his hand I place the box in his hand.

He looked down at the box, then up at me. For the first time since we left my office I saw the corner of his lips turn up slightly, hinting at a small smile that was trying to escape. He looked back down at the box and his fingers began toying with the ribbon unconsciously, his eyes rose again to meet mines, silently asking for approval to open it. I softly nodded my head, immediately he pulled gently at the ribbon.

He lifted the top off of the box and instantly his face lit up. I was not expecting that. He lifted the black gothic styled leather collar out of the box and admired it. There was a silver skull cross pendant that hung from the center of it with four chains hanging all around the edge of the collar. The box was flung to the ground as he wrestled with the collar trying to figure out how to put it on.

If only he knew what the collar was for. I shook my head and stepped behind him, he was jumping up and down with excitement and I couldn't help the smile that crossed my face. He was back to his original self; hopefully that empty, blank Hermes was gone for good.

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