21. Soon...Love

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Chapter 21—Soon...Love


The air teemed with excitement. Howls, shouts and cries of happiness—a symphony of the Wolves' hearts. Even the ground beneath our feet pulsed as hundreds of Wolves stomped their joy. I heard and felt it all, but none of it mattered. There was only one Wolf I could focus on and he captured my complete attention—Leander.

His bite had overwhelmed and stunned me. I didn't know what I expected, but not the utter bliss that wrapped around me like a cocoon. Being in his arms, surrounded by his warmth—words were pitifully inadequate to describe the sensation, only to say it felt like it was where I belonged—I was home.

Leander's violet and cerulean irises glowed dark as he pulled back from my neck. I stared at his full lips, wanting him...wanting more. He guessed my thoughts and whispered, "Not yet, little mouse."

I frowned. He'd told me that twice now, and I wasn't feeling any more patient than when I'd heard it the first time. If anything, my desire for him had doubled. Unconsciously, I found myself seeking friction against his body, rubbing, trying to ignite the spark I knew burned just below the surface.

Leander's arousal was even more prominent than mine—his stiff maleness pressed against my belly, and mating pheromones mixed with his heavenly scent of hickory and vanilla, sweet and musky, filled the air. My mate...every pore in my body attested to the fact—he belonged to me.

While the chorus of celebration raged around us, his head came down, his breath hot and ragged on my neck, whispering, "Soon...love." I inhaled sharply at the promise of future pleasure, every nerve in my body quivering for his touch. He made me feel alive.

Leander pressed his forehead to mine and held there for a long moment, reluctant to release his tight hold on me. When our heart rates finally returned to normal, a steady beat rather than a sporadic rhythm, he gently pulled me into position next to him as we made our way to the mountains of food waiting to be devoured by hungry wolves. My mouth watered as Leander piled a plate high for us to share with spicy baby back ribs, corn salad, grilled vegetables with cilantro–yogurt dressing, and fruit salad drizzled with an amazing sweet syrup that smelled like oranges and vanilla. He waited while I collected two glasses of ice cold, fresh squeezed lemonade and we returned to sit on the wide bench.

The wolves watched and waited while Leander took the first bite. He was the Alpha, he would always eat first. It was the way nature had decreed. After he took a bite, he speared a lovely morsel of delicious meat, and held it in the air for me to eat it off of the fork we shared. Even though we were surrounded by wolves, I'd never eaten from anyone's hand before...and it felt incredibly personal and intimate. I held his gaze as I leaned forward and wrapped my lips around the delicious meat, unable to contain the small moan that slipped from my throat at the amazing smoky and spice flavor.

Leander's eyes darkened and a low growl emitted from his chest in response. My heart raced as I struggled to pull my fiery libido back under control, again. Note to self—keep my reactions in check. My utterances of pleasure weren't helping either of us keep our mind on the task at hand.

Once I finished with my bite, the rest of the wolves joined in, transitioning into full party mode—feasting, chatting and loud bouts of laughter.

As our meal progressed, I got the distinct impression that Leander really enjoyed the whole feeding-me experience because he kept coaxing me to eat bite after bite, even though I'd already devoured way more than necessary. And of course, after dinner, came dessert. He held a forkful of shortcake with plump strawberries and cream in the air, his eyes gleaming with anticipation.

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