Chapter 8

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Damon pov

So its been a week since the party and Luca is acting as if he didnt try to kill me. I just wanna jump across this room and tear his head off. But I made a promise to my Alpha not to kill him for Colleen sakes she better be happy.

"Hey Damon do you wanna go to your room and be alone with me?" some hot chick said I think the name Josie. "Umm not today...uhhh Josie." I hate messing around with girls and wait for my mate but I dont think i have one and I wanted to be a virgin for her but she took to long. "My name is Jessica." Ohh yeah i forgot she the pack slut. She hot and stuff but not my type.

Crissy pov (surprise)

"Omg babe stop. That tickles stooppp." I hate being ticklesh. Im going to kill Lucito sexy self. "That a fast way to wake you up. Good Morning beautiful." " Dont forget food gets me up way faster." Its funny when I mention food around him cause I say I love it more and he gets mad, but who dont love food. While me and Lucito was making out all of a shudden I get a mind link from Sergio telling me to meet him.

-------5 minutes later------

" What took you so long?" ughh he so inpatient. I hate him with a passion. " Sorry Luis wouldnt let me go. You know possesive mate.So what you wanted to talk to me bout."

"Its about Luca. He not who he seems to be." Man what up with him and Damon talking about Luca.

" Okay I know you guys care for Caroline but yous dont have to make lies about Luca. That petty." Before he could say anything Luis ( Lucito nd Luis are the same people) mind linked me so I told sergio ill talk to him later. When i get back home I see Lucito naked on the bed oh that my cue to work my magic.

Sergio pov

I wonder what Crissy was talking bout when she said we shouldnt be making up lies. I gotta talk to Damon bout what he said to Crissy.


Well here the next chapter hope yall enjoy nd im makin a new book that i will upload in a bit. it will mean a lot if yall read it and cant believe i got 1.8k read thanks. It mean alot to me

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