8: Trust

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Mabel clutched Bill's hand as they walked closer to the forest. "I'm sorry about him..."

"No, it's okay." Bill assured. "He's only being a protective brother."

"You won't hurt me, right?" Mabel looked at him with puppy dog eyes.

"Never." Bill promised. "I love you, Mabel."

Mabel sighed. "It's just weird that we reunited today...and it's totally the opposite of what we used to be."

"People change."

"You got that right."

Bill squeezed Mabel's hand, making her smile. "By the way, I really am sorry..."

"About what?" Mabel looked at him.

"The past." Bill sighed and looked down. "With this new form, I've realized my old form was so wicked. I'm truly sorry for the things I did."

"Bill," Mabel softly said, "you didn't have a heart. You didn't know any better. But now you know you can change."

"With you, I already feel like a better person." Bill looked at her, making her blush.

She smiled. "I'm glad."

He leaned down to her, giving her another sweet, passionate kiss.

They found a stump to sit on, and Mabel leaned her head on Bill's shoulder.

"Mabel," Bill spoke, "do you think we should get back to work? I don't think your great uncle will be very happy knowing that we left."

"Yeah..." Mabel sighed, lifting her head. "It was a nice break though."

Bill smiled. "Sure was."

They returned to the Shack holding hands until they reached the Gift Shop door. When they went inside, Dipper was running the register. He still looked uneasy but more calmed down.

"Mabel," He said, "can I talk to you in private?"

Mabel looked at Bill and then back at Dipper. "Sure. Let's go upstairs."

Then Mabel looked back at Bill. "Hold down the fort, would ya?"

"You got it." Bill assured.

When the twins headed upstairs, Bill sat on the stool behind the counter. He fidgeted with the register and looked at the money. "Weird stuff."

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