☙Chapter 7☙

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Jesus, this chapter was so sweet even I almost got diabetes for writing it. For the record, this story might lose it's PG-13 rating so yeah, heads up.


      “Lucas, where are your pants?” Mrs. Draven shouted as she threw the dirty clothes into the washer. Lucas jogged down the stairs, toothbrush still in his mouth and the foam dripping slightly.

      “I don’t know, in my closet I think.” Lucas said, his voice barely understandable. Mrs. Draven scoffed and placed her hands on her hips.

      “Finish brushing and bring them down here. Otherwise you won’t go to the carnival.” Mrs. Draven said, tapping her foot. Lucas ran back upstairs and into the bathroom to finish brushing his teeth.

      “Why is Lucas so excited to go to the carnival? Last time he said it was boring.” Claire asked from the living room, as she brushed her Barbie doll’s hair with the little pink brush. Mrs. Draven shook her head as she sat down next to Claire.

      “I don’t know.” Mrs. Draven said as she picked up one of the dolls and putting some clothes on her. “But he really wanted Anastasia to come with us.” Claire looked at Mrs. Draven,  confusion and shock in her eyes.

      “Really? Does that mean he’ll stop calling her a witch?” Claire asked. Mrs. Draven shrugged.

      “Maybe.” Mrs. Draven said even though she highly doubted it.


      “Well, I guess I’ll put the box of toys there since the clothes are washing.” Lucas muttered under his breath as he pulled a box filled with robot toys and dinosaurs, a few Sesame Street toys here and there, in front of the panel. Lucas gathered up the dirty clothes and jogged down the stairs and into the washroom. He threw the clothes into the washer and closed it, thinking twice about turning it on. Mother will be suspicious if he did it. Lucas walked out of the washroom and into the living room, sitting down on the couch.

      “Mom, Lucas isn’t wearing pants!” Claire shouted as she glanced at her brother. Lucas rolled his eyes and stuck his tongue at her. “Or a shirt!”

      “It’s hot though and mom won’t turn on the air conditioner.” Lucas grumbled as he turned on the TV.

      “Lucas, go put on some clothes.” Mrs. Draven called from upstairs.

      “They’re all washing.” Lucas said, a smug smile on his face.

      “Well at least put on some pajamas. I don’t want Anastasia to come and see you like that.” Mrs. Draven responded.

      “But it’s too hot. Can you please tell the ice monster to wake up and blow some cool air?” Lucas whined. This act was all too easy, especially in this heat. The doorbell rang and Lucas grudgingly got up. He walked over to the door and opened it, Anastasia standing there. “Mom, Anastasia’s here.” Lucas walked back to the couch and continued his channel surfing. Anastasia walked inside and closed the door behind her. Her eyes immediately went to Claire.

      “Hi Anastasia.” Claire waved. Anastasia waved back and smiled.

      “Hi Claire.” Anastasia said. Claire pointed at Lucas with an accusing finger.