Chapter Two Part Two - Bed

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Using the sledgehammer as a makeshift crutch, Ken hobbled along after Annalise. She had insisted that she would be fine on her own, that he should rest his leg whilst watching over Fiona and the entrance to the hotel but as he had told her, the doors were secure so by rights, the safest place for Fiona to be was right there, waiting for James and Jackie to return from their run. Not only that but he wanted to explore the building, too. If it was to be their home for the foreseeable future, he at least wanted to be able to find his way around.

They were heading down the front east corridor, Annalise with her sword at the ready. They had given Fiona strict instructions to block the door behind them, and only to open it when they called her name.

Annalise came to a quiet halt beside the first of the bedroom doors, and put her ear to the wood whilst she waited for Ken to catch up.

“Anything?” he asked once he’d caught his breath.

“Let’s find out,” she replied, tapping gently upon the door with her knuckles.

 “Nothing,” said Ken after a few seconds, during which they heard no sound from inside the room. “We gonna’ take a look?”

 Annalise nodded and prised the tip of her sword into the gap between the door and the frame. The bedroom locks worked on a keycard basis, and as they had no idea where those keys were kept, nor how to cut new ones, prising the doors was the only viable option.

The door sprung open and swung back with a slight creak of protest. A quick glance inside told Annalise and Ken that the room was indeed empty, so they stepped inside to give closer inspection. It was surprisingly tidy, if a little dusty following months of neglect.

A smile spread across both of their faces as their eyes came to rest upon the double bed and without so much as a word to one another they made their way over to it, each taking a side, and lowered their bodies to it. The welcoming softness was the most wonderful thing either had felt in months and they lay there for several minutes, releasing sigh after soft, contented sigh.

Annalise managed to force herself to a seated position before she fell asleep, and nudged Ken in the ribs with her elbow.

“Come on,” she said. “I want to make sure this wing is clear. We’re never going to get that done if we fall asleep on every single bed we find.”

“But it’s so damn comfortable!” Ken protested gently. Cracking an eyelid he saw the look Annalise was giving him. “Fine, but there’s one thing we have to check before we move on to the next room.”

“I’ll do it,” said Annalise, knowing exactly what Ken was thinking, for she had been thinking exactly the same thing. She swung herself from the bed and made her way through to the en-suite bathroom.

“Come on,” she whispered, reaching towards the mixer tap above the sink. “Come on…”

Closing her eyes tightly she turned both taps as far as they would go, and waited. She didn’t need to open her eyes to know that there was no water coming from them but she did, all the same, just in case the water had been coming out very, very quietly.

“Not even a trickle,” she said with enough volume for Ken to clearly hear her.

“Well,” he replied as he struggled to get off the bed. “It was worth a shot.”

They went to leave the room, Ken taking up the rear but as he was closing the door behind him, he caught sight of an ariel photograph of the hotel hung beside the door.

“Hey, ‘Lise,” he said. “Didn’t you say this hotel had five wings?”

“Yeah,” she replied. “The entrance and lobby then two going off from each side, why?”

“’Cos this photo was taken a couple of years ago, it’s got the date in the bottom right corner,” Ken replied. “It shows a sixth wing going off the back.”

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