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The Boy with Curly Brown Hair

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My name is Veronica Andrews, I'm a 22 year old teacher with long wavy auburn hair and blue eyes. I applied to be a teacher at Lehigh University of Arts. I have been teaching for one year and I have a little secret... A Dirty Little Secret. There's a rule in probably every school that no teacher shall have a relationship with a student, well let's just say I broke that rule... In this school there are many talented students, some who include the famous British band One Direction. Yes, 1D go to this school which not many students are allowed to attend unless you have a great talent or are famous already in your young years, and I get to teach them along with many other students who have exceptionally well looks, pretty much every female and male allowed in this school is gorgeous or handsome. This would be great if I was some 18 year old student, but as I told you I'm not. Although I'll tell you that there are some perks as a teacher when your "dating" one member of One Direction, but I wouldn't describe it as "dating" we have never one spoken the phrase "I love you" or "I like you". I, Veronica Maria Andrew, have an intimate relationship with Harry Styles. We honestly don't love, or like each other, at least I know he doesn't, but there's something in our minds and body that such keep us together as nothing more than acquaintances who do some "things". He was my escape from my life, and I was his escape from all the fan girls. I was never a fan girl to begin with nor did I know about One Direction, lets just say I'm a pretty strict teacher. I teach Literature and I'm the type of teacher of keeps her hair in a bun, wears glasses, and keeps a strict mood, but because of that I'm also the type of woman who cannot get a date. With that I was a virgin for about 22 years, sad isn't it? So I lived alone with my two cats, who probably were the only men that would hold me, all until one Lunch break I had a fateful encounter with a certain curly haired boy....

It was 12:00pm on any normal Tuesday and I was sitting in my classroom 304 at my desk going through my students reports on the book 'The Scarlet Letter', it was such a strange book I felt bad that the school ordered that the students read this book. Then a someone walked in my classroom, "Uh, Mrs. Andrews?" I looked up and saw a green eyed boy with lovely curly locks, I remember he's in my third period class. "Yes, can I help you Mr. Styles." He was very cute and handsome but as always I kept my normal strict face but tried to soften it a little, "The Book were reading..." "The Scarlet Letter." "Yeah! That one, I.. uh... don't really get it." I stopped my shuffling through the papers and my eyebrow rose. "What exactly do you not get?" I questioned him he looked somewhat embarrassed. "Well the whole concept its very confusing and strange, I was hoping you could maybe explain it to me." I sat there thinking that this was the school's fault for making us teach a book thats obviously to hard for these kids, "Mr. Styles, why not grab a computer or head to the library and have a computer read it to you?" "Well i don't really like the voice of computers they're too robotic so i was hoping you could explain it to me.." I gave him a 'You seriously want me to believe you want a personal lecture on a book?' look. "I'll stay for the whole lunch break and listen carefully! Please! I really need to know this book!" I sighed, I gestured him to take a seat. "If you will pay attention I shall." He smiled and nodded his head rapidly making his hair fly all over his face, it was pretty cute. "The story starts during the summer of 1642, near Boston, in a Puritran village. A young woman, named Hester Prynne, has been led from the town prison with her infant daughter in her arms, and on the breast of her gown 'a rag of scarlet cloth' that 'assumed the shape of a letter.' It is the uppercase letter 'A.' The Scarlet Letter 'A' represents the act of adultery that she has committed and it is to be a symbol of her sin, a badge of shame, for all to see. A man who is elderly and a stranger to the town, enters the crowd and asks another onlooker what's happening. The second man responds by explaining that Hester is being punished for adultery. Hester's husband, who is much older than she, and whose real name is unknown, has sent her ahead to America whilst settling affairs in Europe. However, her husband does not arrive in Boston and the consensus is that he has been lost at sea. It is apparent that, while waiting for her husband, Hester has had an affair, leading to the birth of her daughter. She will not reveal her lover's identity, however, and the scarlet letter, along with her subsequent public shaming, is the punishment for her sin and secrecy. On this day, Hester is led to the town scaffold and harangued by the town fathers, but she again refuses to identify her child's father..." I went on about the story and I noticed he was staring deep at me and it seemed like he actually enjoyed it, I was also enjoying myself a little but of course my face would not show it. When I finished I looked over at him and he seemed shocked, "Wow, I never would've seen it like that... Thanks!" I nodded. "Is that all?" "Actually..." He got up and headed towards to my desk where I was seated. "Mrs. Andrew.. your a virgin aren't you?" I looked up at his face, shocked, who honestly asks a teacher that and how could he tell?! I quickly hid my shocked look, "Mr. Styles that is none of a students concern." He put his hand on my desk and leaned forward, his face was nearly inches away from my face. "If you want, I could help you..." As he said that his words drifted away and his lips locked with mine. I was stunned, how could a19 year old boy be kissing his teacher who was 3 years older? I felt his tongue edging at my mouth but before he could slip it in, the bell that ended Lunch Break rang and i snapped out of my trans. I pushed him away from me and stood up, "Mr. Styles! How.. how... how dare you?!" I honestly wanted to say how could you, I mean who would want to kiss me, I was just plain... he didn't respond and headed for the door. "WAIT! WHERE DO YOU THINK YOUR GOING?! I WILL NOT TOLERATE YOUR SILLY JOKES" He just waved, "Thanks for the lesson I enjoyed it lots. I hope you know I wasn't joking, I'm serious about this." With that he stopped at the door and winked at me before shutting it. I fell back in my chair, my face beet red. I had totally lost my composure, and I had 3 minutes to regain it before fourth period began, but WHAT HAD JUST HAPPENED...

~A/n: OKKAYY!(: that took a while to think of, but i really wanted to do a story called Dirty Little Secret because i love the song by the all american rejects and i thought it would be a good story, even though it took forever to think of a plot. Also just to let you know Veronica looks really young for her age like a teen shes really cute, and has problems expressing herself. (She also has a great body!) lol i thought itd be funny to put her with harry cause of the rumor that he likes older women. But i hope you like it(; wait to see what happens next<3

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