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Ch.36 A Casanova vs. A Jock

"I'm really sorry about how akward lunch was." I said as the jock in front of me shrugged, as we chatted in the hallway.

"It's fine i guess..." PJ said but mumbled something that i didn't hear.

"What was that?" I asked.

"Nothing, just that I had no idea you like D's instead of A's."He joked smirking at me.

I was embarassed by the comment, yes. How ever he failed horribly at making that excuse.

Somethings bugging him, because i know a fake smile when i see one.

"Uh, well I didn't really know that until recently either." I admitted as he gave me a confused you look.

"Weren't you two dating? You both seem to know each other."PJ asked as I sighed.

"We were but somethings happened, and I was so busy I forgot to break up with him. So he thinks we're still dating, that is until i broke up with him." I explained as he nodded.

"Hey you two! Are you guys going to the halloween dance on Tuesday? It being host by this beautiful trash right before your eyes and is gonna be the bomb!" Savage asked as she did little dance moves off of star vs. The forces of evil.

PJ and I both glanced at her and laughed, as she said we were just jealous of her moves so joining us.

"I don't have anything better to do so sure." PJ repllied as Savage pointed at me.

"Your going, you have no choice. You live with me there fore you have no choice but to be dumb with me.""

I wheezed as I felt a horribly feeling as I felt nausea hit me, I held it in though.

"...Hey, you okay?" PJ asked leaning over from the locker he was leaning against.

"Y-Yeah, I'm fine. Just didn't feel to good at the moment, I'm fine though." I explained trying to ignore the burning feeling in my chest.

"It would appear Fresh has forgotteen to take his flu shots, not a very wise choice." We turned to see Mr.Gaster.

"But...Mosters can't get sick unless poisoned?" I said as PJ seemed to agree with me.

"Have you both bleed before?" Mr.Gaster asked as we both nodded.

"It's because now that we've been living on the surface, we've been eating human food. Notice before we couldn't bleed, but now you can; eating human food has given us more of a physical form making us able to bleed,and get sick. Be sure to get rest, drink water if it gets worse, also go get you flu shot. Study before entering my class you have a quiz today." Mr.Gaster stated as he walked away.

"...Guess I need to go see the nurse after next period." I said as PJ gave me look.

"After? Why not now, if you wait any longer it could get worse." He stated.

"The bell is going to ring and I'm not going to be late to class." I stated.

"The nurse will give you a pass to hand to the teacher." PJ explained and shook his head.

"I know that, I just don't want to be late. If I'm late I might miss something important." I sighed.

"Like what? Home work? You've got to be kidding me." He chuckled but I could tell a small argument had just started.

"Home work improves your GPA as much as quiz due to you getting more of it, not that you would realize that." I huffed as he rolled his eyes.

"So what, it's not a big deal if you miss one home work. I'm just saying your health is more important than a piece of paper, there's nothing wrong with that." He explained as I glared at him slightly.

"The college I plan on going to has very high standards, so for me one paper does matter."  I sighed.

"So you care about a numer more than your well bei-"

"Yes, and if you've been through what I have you'd understand why." I stated glaring at him as he glared back.

I hated these moments. I always was a back talker when it came to stubborn people like PJ, but that's not what i hated about it.

I like PJ, I can accept that now. Everytime we get into these arguments I feel like he'll leave, and that he would hate me, and despite those thoughts I still held my ground...

The bell signaling we go to class rung, making us both back down.

"Ugh, what ever. Just go to the nurse today, got it." He said as I nodded.

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