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charleston isn't like the rest of south carolina. its the blue donut hole in the red donut state, meaning that charleston is one of the few democratic counties in the state. from its rich roots to its diverse ports, charleston has let itself drift from its plantation starts to the eclectic boom that it is today. charleston is both a city and a county containing 5 main sections. downtown is a peninsula stuck between the ashley and cooper rivers. it was once mainly marsh but now, thanks to southern greed, has been transformed into beautiful neighborhoods filled with southern single homes that flood to an insane level every time it rains. take a trip onto the other side of rutledge avenue and you'll find yourself in a town mid gentrification. half bourgeoisie and half hood. travel west of the ashley and you'll find yourself in west ashley. its nothing more than a suburb, unfortunately. being home to both bernie loving liberals and confederate flag wielding rednecks creates a weird air of divide, but other than that its fairly regular. across the cooper river is mount pleasant. it is home to the rich who didn't have the same level of reputation or old money to live downtown. it is fairly boring as well. james island is a small island just a one minute boat ride across the marsh to west ashley at its closest point. it is similar to west ashley in its set up and place as a suburb to a nonexistent "city", but instead of rednecks, there are bos. a bo is a wealthier redneck who owns almost exclusively fpg clothes and probably jacks off to yetibutts on twitter. north charleston, while on the cusp of mass gentrification, remains charleston's dark spot and most crime-riddled area. it is also home to #1 on the list of top high schools in the nation. most students do not live in north charleston. charleston is also protected by a small trickle of barrier islands turned tourist destinations. charleston may be a lot of things but i promise you it is not ugly... to magnolia. to jude it was like the shit stuck in the crevices of her shoes.

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