Middle School pt.2

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Beginning of 7th grade(like I mentioned in the last chapter) I was moving again and I did. I moved to Baltimore for like not even a week and then I moved to North Carolina where I reside now. Moving to North Carolina felt so repetitive and weird at the same time. This time, I felt deep inside this will be where I stay for a long time. Anyway, we settled in and got me registered for school and it was time for me to go. I woke up very early and got dressed in my best clothes because I wanted to fit in because I was told there was a lot of snotty rich kids(which there were). I got to the bus stop and put in my headphones and listened to music for a couple minutes until a boy walked over and introduced himself and then his friend came and introduced himself. I will call them Ashton and Cooper. 

Ashton, to this day, is still my friend and Cooper..well Cooper had a secret crush on me and kind of stopped talking to me. We then got on the bus and went to school. I'm going to skip most of it because it was boring. I get to 5th period, which meant lunchtime, and my worst period because I was in an advanced math class(yay ugh, worst class EVER) I sat down in the seat my teacher told me to. A few minutes later, a really tall lanky boy with reddish brown hair sits next to me. The bell rings and the teacher introduces her self and blah blah blah. 

While she is telling what we will be doing for the year, I feel an elbow in my chubby side. I ignore it the first 3 times he did it and then I finally whispered through gritted teeth," Can you please stop elbowing me, I know I'm fat so please stop", he replies in a hushed whisper," I'm sorry, I just wanted to say, I'm Aaron and I think your hair is really pretty."  Let me tell you that from then on I had the biggest crush on him and not because I only thought it was because he was fucking HOT but it was because here I am the new girl and on top of that I was really chubby and I had a very terrible self-esteem (still kind of do but that doesn't matter). I was really surprised that someone who was really popular ( which I didn't find out until a little later). He was the first person in my grade that actually talked to me, so I started trying to make myself look more girly if that makes sense. 

About 2 months into the school year and I was really good friends with Ashton and Cooper and I also started playing the flute (which I was a shitty flute player, but I tried recently and did really good thanks to my friend letting me use her flute for a couple days lmao). I was really glad that I finally made friends and that they didn't mind me and my boyish personality. 

This was a good year but I still had a major undertone of depression and bullying because of being the new kid. A few more months and I switched some classes for the new semester and I made a few more friends. I hung out with Ashton and some of his friends over the summer. And I had a shit ton of drama that summer because one person in Ashton's friend group didn't necessarily like me at the time and ironically I'm friends with that person today.

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