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Why did you leave the book without us knowing who was born first or what will happen next with Scarlett and Christian?

-Sadly, Scarlett and Christian's plot line stops here. They'll be in the other stories and you'll get to see the little ones some, but this book was the opener to The Bond Series and it was the bond where there were cracks for the other stories to merge out of to get their own books. 

How many books total will there be?


Will we get to know more about Scarlett's witch powers?

-Of course! Scarlett will play a big role in The Malevolent Bond as she will help Alara and Evan ;) Which is why you didn't get to see much of Scarlett and her powers at the end of this book!

Will we see Scarlett's children? 

-There may or may not be a book about them in my works that ties up the series ;) And it may or may not be called 'The Queen's Bond' ;)))))

Why didn't we get to read about the birth experience with Scarlett?

-Because like I said before, Scarlett and Christian's plot line stops there, even though you'll still see them some, it ends there. I didn't want to give you who was born first because I want to keep you on your toes until you're able to read their book :)

Did the war happen in this book?


Shouldn't the war bond start of with Christian and Scarlett?


Will you being doing anymore bond series books besides the ones you've listed?

-As of right now there is only eight: Royal, War, Power, Intelligence, Immaculate, Malevolent, Rampant, and Queen. BUT there IS a spinoff called : The McKinley Crew (Which you shouldn't read until you've read past War and Power:) )

Why did you take down the bonus chapter?

-It revealed something that I wanted to be a surprise later on in the series and I talked to some people and we all came to the conclusion I should take it down because some people were spoiling it for others and some were confused and yeah, it was messy. (Yes the bonus chapter used to originally be what I'm writing on now if you've seen the comments)

Will there be more bonus chapters to come?

-Honestly, I don't really know right now. Maybe when I have all the books completed. 

You said one of the books wouldn't be all romance, which is that?

-The Immaculate(ness) Bond! It's a mystery about some murders that have happened and Alpha Jackson sends in one person that can do the job and a lot of my current readers really liked it because even though it has romance, throughout the whole story you're on the edge trying to figure out who the killer is!

Why did you change the original covers?

-The series needs shaping and that was the first start. Plus, its always good to do a cover change every so often to catch new reader's eyes if you're currently writing a book and needed a tip!

Will you be doing a cover shop?

-Hmmm maybe ;)

Will you be publishing the series?

-YES! Rather it be on Amazon or paperback I don't know yet. I currently am reconstructing the royal bond for a manuscript to send in. I hope to find a literary agent first to be able to send it to some publishers and hopefully will make it to where y'all can buy a copy and keep it forever!

A big thing I really want to do with this is get a couple books, sign them, and do a contest for some readers to win who will get a book or two for FREE!

Are you on Radish?

-YES! And you can get early access to chapters and books not yet published! So go check it out! My username is: Keyleehargis56 and you can also type in the book name to find the book you're looking for! I'd love the support! I get paid on there!

Are you looking for an editor?

-Yes! My editor spot is now open due to some complications with my last one. 

Can we send covers or fan edits/banners?

-OF COURSE!!! My email is keyleehargis@yahoo.com for the items you'd like to send for me to see and potentially put them on here!

Thanks for all your questions and I hope I cleared some things up. 

Please leave more questions if you have them! 

-Therealkh loves you. 

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