Middle School(My most dreadful years)

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So,you're probably thinking by now "Dude shut the fuck up you're just another depressed edgy teenager who thinks everyone is going to care to hear your shitty lame stories" and I apologize but this is my life story and whether you like it or not, it's going to be written because I'm so tired of holding all of this emotional baggage shit in. Anyway, let's go into 6th grade, 6th grade was definitely one of the worst times for me and I would have to say, I would never want to time travel back there. 6th grade I had friends and they weren't what you would call trustworthy friends. They would talk behind my back and then be nice to my face and I didn't find out until this girl moved to our town. 

This girl was someone who was going to change my life for both the better and the worse. As you know, I said in the last chapter that I was questioning who the hell I was and I was. She helped me kind of get through it and helped me kind of figure myself out but she also wreaked some havoc in my life. Her name was Amber(changing the name because I don't want to expose people and for safety purposes). Amber moved from New Mexico and lived down the road from me. 6th grade started and we didn't talk for the first month or so because..well she hung out with the popular girls, so I didn't talk to her because the girls are the ones who picked on me in 6th grade. Well a couple weeks later, I was sitting in the cafeteria, quietly eating my shitty school lunch when I hear a tray being sat down across from me. 

She sat down and said "Hi, I'm Amber and we share English together, I hope you don't mind me sitting here...my friends...well not my friends anymore.. wouldn't let me sit down because I didn't agree with them on if this girls shirt was ugly or not.. and they were talking behind my back" I immediately said back, stuttering," U-uh..sure, I'm sorry.. I-I'm just not really used to people being nice and talking to me." She half-smiled and started eating an apple she had. 

After a couple bites of her apple, she looked up from behind her glasses and said, " Hey, don't let what people say get to you and don't let them push you around." I nodded and kept eating. " Guess what? You now have me as a friend because the other ones I had were stupid, and you seem very smart so I'll sit with you." I looked up and widened my eyes," A-Are you sure..you don't want people to pick on you too.." " No one will pick on me because they know if they do, I'll beat them up," she says, giggling a little. 

A few weeks later, she started ignoring me because of some boy she started dating.  And that was our friendship.. she would be nice until she got a boyfriend..which there was a revolving door of. Well, me being so god damn confused about myself that I actually started to have a crush on her and I felt so weird about it I didn't know what to do. I kept it inside because I didn't want to lose the only friend I had. 

Well, summer came and we actually hung out A LOT. Then, school came back and it was 7th grade... and it was time for me to break the news that I was moving again. So, I told her the 3rd day( 2 days until I left) that I was moving and that I will miss her so much. And she told me she will miss me too. 

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