Chapter 29

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I could feel Azreals body tempature dropping as we speed down the path. We have been driving for a few hours and he has only gotten worse. He's now barely breathing. I was able to stop the bleeding in his side but his back still pulsed blood. In the last few hours it has turned into a slight trikle. I clutched his fur tighter in my arms as I rested my head on top of his. 

He let out a groan of pain as he slowly tried to open his eyes. I saw a quick flash of his blue eyes before his head fell back. I pulled him tighter into my chest. I kissed the top of his head. I ran my hand though his silky fur slowly brushing out all the tangles. I slowly sat up and looked over the back of the seat. There are five of my pack mates in the car. I leaned over the shoulder of the guy in front of me. He turned and looked at me. He lowered his brown eyes as did the rest of the men. 


"How far are we?" 

"Twenty minuets Alpha." 

"We need to get back faster. Azreal lost a lot of blood he needs to see the pack doctor now."

"Yes Alpha." He replied. I felt the car larch forward as he stepped harder on the gas.

"Did Malik return?" 

"Yes him and the rest of the pack are about an hour behind us." 

"I want the medical team waiting for us when we arrive." 

"Yes Alpha." 

"And I apologize but we haven't been introduced what are your names and rankings?"

"I'm Kaden and I am your third. That's Sam, Kaden said pointing to the red head next to him in the passenger seat. And that's Aron, Dylan, and Brett." He said guesting to the men in front of me. 

"They are all your high up warriors and Sam is your forth." 

"It's nice to meet all of you. Please call me Evelyn." 

"Alpha please sit down it's going to get rough." Kaden said in a harsh voice. 

That only made me sit up straighter and I looked out the windows. I saw two suv's in front of us and one behind. I looked around confused at to what hes talking about.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw a flash of fur. I turned to look towards it and I saw wolves running along side the SUV's.

"Kaden what the hell is going on?" 

"It looks like the light pack doesn't want to let you go." He said with no real humor. 

"We are two minuets from the border. Once we get inside we are going to the private compound. The rest of the pack has been moved there. They medical team will be waiting for you." 

"What will you guys do?" 

"We will be going out in shifts to patrol the border." 

"I can give you guys orders right?"

"Yes Alpha." He said giving me a strange look in the mirror.

"Good. Step on it Kaden and if a fur ball gets in your way I give you permission to make them into a new den rug." 

"With pleasure Alpha." He replied with a rhy grin. 


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