CHP. 06 : The Taoist Priest And The Little Fox

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Ling Si suddenly looked up, Su Tang placed his finger on his lips, gently making a booing sound though his fingers, he lied next to Ling Si's ear, saying: "Over there is a demon city, it opens at midnight, only the demons can see it, people can not see it, do not tell others, this is the secret of our demon race."

His words are pressed down low, both his arms are placed on Ling Si's shoulder, the waist bent straight, small butt protruding out, resembling some sort of endearment.

Ling Si unconsciously held onto his waist, by his ear is Su Tang's words, his mind is blank, slightly bowing his head, he can see Su Tang's long eyelashes, as well as the bright red lips, they're leaning against each other too closely, to the point where they can even feel each others breath.

Not only that, he can also smell a trace of a fragrant smell.

Pēng pēng pēng pēng pēng ... Ling Si's heartbeat began to speed up.

    Su Tang suddenly frowned, his hand reached out to touch his chest, Ling Si's heartbeat sped up faster, almost simply jumping out of his throat, Su Tang's small hand is like a fire, him stroking his chest stirred up feels of a disturbance, Ling Si even wanted to seize the other, and then lean closer, so he can ... ...

    "Why is your heart jumping so fast? Are you sick?" Su Tang withdrew his hand, asking, worry written across his face.

    "Ah?" Ling Si froze for a moment, only just suddenly reacted, just before Su Tang's action is actually ... ... he's just worried about his fast heartbeat? Thinking of it, it really is so. His little fox is thin-skinned, how can he be that unrestrained?

(Note: someone who is thin-skinned is extremely sensitive to negative or positive emotions, someone who is thick-skinned is the exact opposite)

However, Ling Si still felt a trace of disappointment, in fact, he also likes it unrestrained, but now is not the time, Ling Si looks to the side, lightly coughed twice, only saying: "maybe ... ... finally finding  the source, I became more excited? "

    "Oh, then that's all right." Su Tang immediately relaxed, and then exposed a big smile, his smile looked very dazzling, Ling Si's heart once again started beating rapidly.

    Su Tang, this time did not pay too much attention, because he was immersed in his own joy of helping Ling Si, when he thought of this, his heart felt elated at once, as to why it felt like this, he did not know.

    In short, feeling happy is just fine.

    After a while, Ling Si came over with ease, however his hand is still placed on Su Tang' waist, he expressionlessly watched Su Tang's hair sticking up, then used his chin to rub, his voice gently asking: "Why are you telling me this?"

    Su Tang didn't think at all, directly replying: "Because I think you look better when you smile a bit."

In this way, how did his mind come up with this sentence, Ling Si first contrariwise understood in advance. Originally,  Su Tang saw in his heart he was gloomy, he wanted to be concerned about him, wanted him to be happy, to prevent him from being worried about this matter.

Ling Si felt a lingering tenderness, since his infancy, it seems that there has been no such meticulous care for him, no one understood his feelings, no one shared his worry with him.

However, this little fox has done it, although doing it so clumsily, barely able to entirely conceal it properly, but this adorableness let Ling Si's heart beat, Su Tang's words resembled a straight up ball throw, causing Ling Si to be touched for a long time, wishing he can just hold him in his embrace and give him a kiss.

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