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Chapter 4

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     I walked to my locker. It was after school and that means it was time for Mike and I to work on our

project together. I grab all of the things that I would need from my locker as I waited. "Hey, are you

ready to go?" Mike asked me. I jumped not hearing him walk up to me. "Yeah let's go," I say. We

walked out to the parking lot and went in our seperate cars. I was suppose to follow him to his

house. We arrived at his house fifteen minutes later. It was a rather nice neighborhood surprisingly

close to my house. His house was all brick with black shingles. He had purple and red flowers

infront of his house. We walked in his front door,"Mom I home and I brought a friend." he yelled.I

see a petite woman come out of what I assume is the kitchen. her hands and face had flower all

over them as if she had been cooking. She was wearing black shorts and a-damn my partial color

blind eyes. She was wearing ethier a yellow are orange top. "Oh hello, what's your name sweety?"

she asked me. "Rosie." I replied politely. She looks at her son and gives him a look. "Mom," he

says nervously. She smirks,"Well my name is Jessie. Would you guys like some snacks or

somthing to drink?" she asked us. "I don't want anything, do you?" Mike asked me. I shook my head

no. "Well we're going up stairs to work on our Chem project together." We walked up the stairs and

to Mike's room. His room had all wooden funiture. His walls a light biege color and he had black

curtains. I saw a laptop and TV in his room. He sit his phone down on his nightstand by his bed.

"So what should we do for the project?" he asked facing me. I look at him and shrug my shoulders.

I drop my bag on the floor by his door sighing in relief at not having to hold it anymore. "What was it

on?" I asked him. He chuckled lightly, "I knew you weren't paying attention in class again today." I

look down with a light pink tint to my cheeks. "Well it's incredably boring." I retorted. He just laughed

and started explaining what it was on.

AN:// sorry i haven't really updated but somthing interesting is going to happen in the next

chapter:3 sorry for grammer/spelling mistakes.

Yuki xx

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