= Chapter 45 =

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"Even a broken heart can beat again, just let me love you in a different way."

-Jeremy Lockhart

"So I'm supposed to believe that Jonah is alive?" I chuckled lowly.

Glaring at me, he stood up abruptly and left to his room before coming back with a box. Removing its lid, I noticed many photographs.

"What are these photographs? " he passed me one specific photo.

"I've been tracking him, he's for some reason in this neighborhood, look at that picture. " he pointed out.

Scanning the picture, all I saw was a boy in a hoodie.

"What about him? You can't assume he's Jonah!" I accused, but he shook his head.

"Look closer, see that shining ray at his chest?" He moved closer. Indeed, he was right. Despite the dark alley background, his chest shimmered familiarly with the lighting of the picture.

"The necklace..." I trailed in realization.

"Yup, the pure diamond pendant you gave him on his last birthday." He smiled at me in approval. I couldn't believe it. All this time, he could have been alive. Breathing.

"How are even tracking him?"

"I quit my job and I'm spending every day tracking until I find him. I will never stop looking for my baby brother." Determination shone in his eyes.

"You dropped your job as a cardiologists? Wow. "

"Do you believe me now? Why would I drop my job for nothing if it would be all fake?" He held my hands together in hope that I'll believe him.

"You didn't kill him Skylar...don't you feel relief?" He looked into my eyes, searching for the emotions he hoped to find.

"But why would he do this whole stunt? He broke me, you know that?" Anger surged through my veins. All those nights I cried my lungs out, all those tears I spared for him, all those nightmares that kept me up were all for for a person who I thought was dead.

Moving away from me, a wide smile took over his features. "That's the reason why I think he's in this neighbourhood...he's looking for you Skylar. He wants to explain." His eyes held truth.

Jonah and explaining never go together. To break it down, Jonah was the life of the party—chugging alcohol down and dancing under the flashing lights with blasting music. Grinding up on girls while being the center of attention–he was always in the limelight. He was wild, maybe that's what drew me to him. We were alike, maybe that's why I don't believe that opposites attract...

"Say something Skylar, please." Milton interrupted.

"I have no words to say. It's unbelievable, I just wish I could know why...I  really feel like to going home to digest everything." My brain was drained from emotion. Nodding understandingly, he led me to the door.

"You're the only one that knows about this, and I trust you. I'll call you if I find out anything new." He gave me a small hug, before tapping his number into my phone.

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