14. Show Me

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Chapter 14—Show Me

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Chapter 14—Show Me


As soon as I walked into the room, she got off the bed and faced me. She stared at me for a long moment, her expression contrite at first...but then it slowly transitioned into fury.

"What the fuck happened?" I snarled, still angry myself. The Ceremony she'd just recklessly ruined with her hot-headedness was meant to give the wolves in the Pack an outlet to express their appreciation and thanks. That certainly wasn't how it turned out. I couldn't believe she'd put me in that position! An open challenge always required a public punishment. There was no way that she was ignorant of that fact, and yet instead of talking to me, like I asked her to do, she decided to issue an openhanded challenge right across my cheek! If she'd done that in private, I would've handled it differently. But she didn't...and my Wolf would never allow that disrespect to go unpunished.

So here we were, glaring at each other, and I was hoping for an explanation soon, which didn't look like it was forthcoming with the way her lips were pressed close, refusing to answer my question. This was ridiculous. I snapped, "Where's the attitude now? Did I spank you docile? If I'd known that's all it took, I would have spanked you the first day."

"Fuck you!" Her eyes were blazing.

"Oh, she finally speaks," I mocked. "So are you ready to tell me what the hell got into you?"

"I want to see Luca," she countered.

You want to see Luca?

It was like we were having two different conversations.

"No!" I growled. After that little stunt she just pulled, she'd be lucky if I didn't just take his head right off.

She glared at me defiantly, her feet apart, hands on her hips, shoulders back.

I returned her stony gaze with one of my own. She had another thing coming if she thought posturing like an angry kitten was going to do anything to sway me. I could play this game all damn day. I waited for her next move, curious to see what trick she had up her sleeve—but then, her bottom lip quivered. Her shoulders slumped slightly and her voice lowered to a whisper, "Please, I, I...need...to see him."

I gritted my teeth together. Finally a break in her armor and that is what she wants—another wolf. I reminded myself they grew up together as brother and sister, but that didn't eliminate the fact that they were not blood related and she had spent her entire life practically in his arms.

All right, fine...she wanted to take things up a notch, that worked for me because I was done holding back...I wanted more. Let's just see how far she was willing to go. I purred, "What will you give me?"

Her eyes widened, her anger temporarily lost in confusion. "What do you mean?"

I wanted to chuckle... Sometimes I forgot how innocent she was, how naïve. I purred suggestively, "Everything has a price. We negotiate, remember? If you want something from me, what are you willing to give me in return?" Her cheeks flushed with color, finally catching up to my intent. My Wolf growled; he liked her innocence. She bit her lip nervously...so she wasn't quite as good at this game as she was anger. Perfect.

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