"Kiibble Pictures"

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My collab with Meghan was successful! It was now to head back home and check on those children... I mean, my boyfriend, Liam, and Graser. Heh.
I started to drive home, thinking of what to do while Liam and Graser are here, and aren't packing yet. Hmm... There's shopping? No. Beach? We were there yesterday. Golf? I think we'd either get bored or competitive. Movies? Why go to the movies when we could give each other views on our videos. Uh... Universal! We could take a trip to Universal Studios! That sounds fun!
I continued to drive home, excited to reveal my idea on going to Universal.

~Minutes later~

After that marriage talk, we all basically laid on the couch doing nothing, but staring at the ceiling. Until, Shelby ran into the apartment enthusiastically.
"Guys, guys! I have an idea!" She plopped down next to me, as I leaned my head on her shoulder
"What's your idea? Are you gonna ask Will to marry you???" Graser asked, with his hopes up high
I smacked his arm
"Ow!" Graser rubbed his arm
"No, I'm not gonna ask Will to marry me." She giggled
"Then what else is there to possibly do?" I asked sarcastically
"Well, we could go to Universal Studios!" Shelby announced, with enthusiasm
"No." Liam disagreed
"I KNOW, OKAY." Liam yelled back
"Guys! Chill out."
"We are going to Universal Studios, if it's the last thing we do!" Shelby said, raising her hand like a leader would
"Yeah!! I need to take Kiibble picturereres... I mean Bibble pictures! You know that snack from uh... Sam and Cat? Hehehe. Heh. Hah..."
H gave Graser a death stare
"Aye! Don't look at me like that, H! You're just jealous that I'm most likely gonna be the maid of honor, GOSH, the flower boy! NO. Best man! You're just jealous that I'm most likely gonna be the frickin BEST MAN, BOI. That is, when they do get married." Graser said with a large smile

I will strangle the heck out of that robotic fangirl, with the Elmo laugh.

I am ashamed...

How am I friends with Graser?

I want the real life Graser, to be the Graser in this book.
Sorry for not posting in three days again... The feeling of not having to write a chapter felt good, but I was also getting anxiety from not updating😂
Also, thank you all so much for 7k reads! We're so close to 10k reads, and that's absolutely crazy💕 thanks you so much.

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