It Takes Time Part 4.

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Its been a few days since the last time I saw Kendall and ever since that talk with her I've been in a better mood and everyone's been noticing it. She's been busy with photoshoots while I've been busy with my music. I've dropped a few songs within these days and so far people have been loving it which makes me happy.

The guys have been helping me out in the studio and stuff with Camila's and I's track so it was nice to spend some time with them. We were almost done with the songs which were a good a sign considering we wanted to release them soon. The guys and I were currently sitting in my house playing PlayStation 4 and talking.

Zayn:"So have you talked to Kendall since the lunch you and the girls had?"He asked making remove my eyes from the screen for a second and then back.

Y/n:"No but we texted a few times...she's busy with photoshoots and I'm busy with music so....there's not really much room for a hang out"I said making them hum.

Abel:"You've been happier these days though..."He said smirking like the others making me roll my eyes.

Y/n:"Yes I have"I stated killing someone in the game"You all know how I feel about Kendall and as much as I don't wanna be friends with her....I have to because that's the only way I can still be with her without being with her....if you get what I mean"I said making them all nod.

Tyga:"Yeah we do but don't you think that's a bit hard...."He said pausing the game making me put the controller down and look at him.

Tyler:"He's right Y/n/ how can you hang out and just pretend like you're feelings aren't going to get in the way again"He said making me sigh and get up.

Y/n:"I don't know...."I said grabbing a bottle of water and drinking it"She looks happy with him guys so I can't do anything about it"I said making them get up and walk to the kitchen.

Zayn:"Do you honestly thin that?"He asked making me nod.

Y/n:"Yes I do...why else did she cheat on me for a year?"I said making them sigh.

Abel:"Didn't she say she still needed you?"He asked making me nod.

Y/n:"Yes she did but like I'm sure she meant it in more of a 'hey can we still be friends' kinda way instead of a 'I wanna date again' kinda way"I said making them all look at each other.

Tyga:"Kylie says she's been happier since the talk..."He said making me smile a little.

Y/n:"That's good...."I said making them nod.

Tyler:"Well lets move onto another topic...."He said making me chuckle"So a little birdy told me that you're going to be on the Ellen show?"He asked making me smile and nod.

Y/n:"Yeah, Kris called me and said she got me on the show which I'm happy about....its tomorrow actually"I said making them nod.

Tyga:"You do know they're going to ask you questions about Kendall right?"He said making something snap in my head.

Y/n:"Shit! I knew I forgot something!"I said running and grabbing my jacket making them look at me confused.

Zayn:"Uh are you okay?"He asked as they all watched my run around looking for me keys.

Y/n:"Yeah just that I was suppose to meet Kris to talk about that and I'm pretty sure I'm late"I said knowing Kris Jenner would kick my ass if I was late.

Abel:"Y/n/n chill, what time are supposed to meet her?"He asked making me sigh.

Y/n:"Half past four"I said making them all look at their watches wide eyed.

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