I love you all guys until the world ends, THANKS YOU FOR THE 50k reads! I am so happy, it is very motivating especially right now, that I'm being depressed.

But going to the other issue we have here, (again for the sixty ninth time) I am very very very sorry I've been gone for so long (I always say sorry and be gone again for longer, aren't you guys tired of me? hahah) But this time I will try to be committed! fighting! 

But I have a small problem, I am running out of ideas (I always do). And I need your help, please pm me and help me come out with ideas because my brain is going rusty(-er) . Please send me your suggestions and ideas. Please, really need help and motivations.

That's all, love you guys and I'm sorry for so having so many excuses and less efforts. I will do better and work harder. Please don't get tired of me.

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