[SPECIAL] When you're soul mates · Karma Akabane

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I've got a few scenario drafts but I dunno how to finish them. heLP

'When they bath with you-//slapped'


Soul Mate! AU The first words your soul mate says to you is inked on your wrist  


The classroom was quiet as the students worked by themselves studying for the upcoming test. Koro~sensei was busily marking practise tests as he watched over the students studying

You were stressing out as the exams were coming up and they were a big thing in Kunugigaoka. Since you were in the end class you had no time to waste and spent every free study session studying.

The noise of rustling pages could be heard as the students continued to study in silence, flipping over their textbooks and avoiding eye contact with others. You were trying to do some maths but you were struggling on a question.

You pulled up your sleeve to check the words inked on your wrist that would connect you to your soul mate. You hadn't found your soul mate yet but you were determined. Most of your friends had found a soul mate already but you hadn't given up.

You're so bad at this luckily you have me, be thankful

These few words annoyed you as you wondered what you were bad at. Your soul mate sounded rather rude and annoying but maybe it was something you said to him that would make him respond in that way.

You continue to wonder about your soul mate and what he looked like and his personality. Sighing you got up and headed to Karma Akabane to help you with Maths. You had never spoken to him as you were a shy person.

You went to Karma's seat and dragged your chair to his table, confused the red head looked up to sea what you were doing. You grabbed out your maths textbook and handed him the questions speaking up, "Karma I need help with this please!"

Karma stared at you, his eyes widened. You began to feel uncomfortable, you grabbed your textbook and headed towards you seat. As you were leaving the male begun to speak those very words inked on your wrist.

"You're so bad at this luckily you have me, be thankful!" you gasped and turned around and Karma smiles as you realised what had just happened. You show him your wrist and you can see the words you just said to him.

"Does that mean we're soul mates?" you ask him surprised. You couldn't believe what was happening to you.

"Yeah... I think so!" Karma smirked as he watched you grow excited.

"Shut up and work, this maths question I'm doing is so hard and annoying like your voice!" Teresaka yelled across the room breaking the silence. Everybody stopped what they were doing and looked up to you and to Teresaka.

Karma smirked, "Teresaka, you might be my soul mate too! Come here where we can work out this Maths problem together!"

"KARMA I'LL GET YOU FOR THIS!" the idiot yelled across the room, now the atmosphere of silence was gone and was replaced with arguments.  


I really don't know what to do with my life right now. I'm such a confusing person who makes the worst decisions. I manage to make everybody pissed at me.

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- kuuro

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