Part 20 - The wave approaches

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I couldn't believe my eyes, I wanted to run but my feet were stuck in place. I glanced through the binoculars once more to see more than I bargained for. At first I saw a walker, then another and another, in a matter of seconds there was a vast surge of walkers flooding through the trees... I had to warn the others!

I mustered enough courage to finally move, turn my heel and run into the farm house. I snatched the handle of the door that lead inside and ran. "Walkers!... by the trees! Lots!" I shouted disrupting all conversations, the group stopped and stated at me, "We have to go... Now!" Everyone approached their battle stations and grabbed what they could to fight, then flight. We needed an escape route. The cars were ready and we were armed, but where were Carl, Rick and Shane? they still weren't back and I was beginning to get worried.

"I should go look for Carl and the others" this idea of mine had popped into my head though I knew I would be unsuccessful, I couldn't find them in this dark with a sea of walkers heading in this direction. "Yeah let's hope she stays there" Lori muttered under her breath not alarming the others at what she had just said, my blood began to boil. "I'll pretend I didn't hear that!" I approached Lori with lightning speed "I don't know if you hadn't realised but your husband, your son and your boyfr-" I stopped, did the rest of the group know about Shane? or was it just me? oh well. "They are out there and I just offered to bring them back! you ungrateful bitch!" I shouted in Lori's face causing her to back off... good. The group were speechless but didn't look me in the eye... I think they knew about Shane... saves me from telling them I spose, because Lori certainly wouldn't. I shook my head, picked up my backpack, my hand gun was placed in it's holster and I picked up a cricket bat that resided in the corner of Hershel's living room. I turned my glance to Daryl, "Keep everyone safe and make sure they all get out okay, we'll meet at the highway" Daryl nodded, I knew he would make sure they stayed safe. I made my demands then left.

I began sprinting across the field in the direction that Rick went into to find Shane, well at least I think it was, I needed to get into the woods before a walker saw me. I slinked into the darkness of the edge of the woods, I don't think anything saw me... I turned from the tree to journey into the woods, a walker had acknowledged my presence. I lifted the heavy wooden cricket bat, swung it and cracked it over the walkers head with one critical blow which sent it to collapse on the ground in front of me. I had to find Rick. I continued to run, I was low on energy and incredibly out of breath but i had to keep an eye out for walkers, and for Rick and Carl too.

I stopped in the middle of the woods, there wasn't a noise to be heard except the low hum of groans that the walkers made in the distance. "Rick!" I shouted whilst whispering, not trying to attract walkers but loud enough so Rick could hear me if he was close by with Carl, I scanned the area. "Rick!" I shouted again, but a little bit louder this time. "Ric-" a hand clasped around my mouth and one around my waist, I went to grab the hand away and push who ever was there out of my way but Carl had come into view, he was safe, but who was clasped around me? I struggled free and turned to see Rick hugged around me. "Oh thank god you're okay!" I grabbed Rick and hugged him to which he hugged back, I entwined my arms around his neck as he did to my waist, I was so glad he was okay. I pulled away and bent down to hug Carl and he did to me, I was so glad he was okay.

"We need to leave... now. I told everyone we would meet at the highway" Rick shook his head, he contemplated on a thought before replying. "No we can't go yet I need to do something for the others to get away... I'll be back in a minute...I promise" He cradled my face and caressed my cheek when he made his promise then ran off into the darkness. I knew what I had to do, stay here and keep my eyes open. My main priority was that I had to protect Carl... with my life.

Minutes felt like hours... Carl and I had been waiting for Rick for 10 minutes... or was it longer? I began to think of all the moments I've had with Rick... I really believe that falling for him, every time I see him my stomach does back flips and his eyes... oh my god, every time I see his eyes I find myself lost in them... like pools of cool electric blue water... wow. There was a tug on my sleeve, "Huh?" My thoughts were disrupted, I glanced down at Carl. "When is dad getting back?" I honestly didn't know what to say... "He'll be back soo-" My sentence was cut short, a blinding orange and yellow light flooded through the woods, I shielded my eyes from the light with my arm as did Carl... What is that?I began to walk towards the light when the smell of burning wood began to fill my nostrils... a fire? what would be burning?

"C'mon!" Rick had returned, he gestured us to come with him by waving his arming in his direction. Without a second though we ran towards him and followed him to safety out of the woods and back on to the high way.


Light began to flood through the canopy of leaves and branches, dawn approached and the sun was rising. We had finally approached the highway after hours of ducking and diving throughout the woods to avoid the constant flow of walkers.

"Right we have to stay here, wait for the others. Keep your eyes open" Rick had delegated watch points for Carl and I. Carl sat on the bonnet of the car facing one way down the highway, as for me, I had sat on one of the cars facing the other way in the direction of the farm. My eyes were focused on one point for the road for what seemed like hours, waiting to see a car or some sort of sign that someone was alive. Nothing. My head dropped into my hands, there was no sign of them...

Brrrrrmmmm brmmm... My head shot up, was that a motorbike? or just my imagination? I heard it again... it was coming from the directing I was sitting in. "Rick! I heard something!" Rick sprinted to the car I was on top of, when Rick had reached me the sound grew louder. Not even a minute later, Daryl came roaring round the corner followed by 3 cars, Where was the RV?

We waved the cars down to a halt and everyone got out. Rick and Carl were reunited with Lori, though I could see the tensions between them all. The group gathered around the car I was on before, I scanned the group. "Where's Andrea, Shane and Oatis?" Everyone looked to the floor as if they wanted to avoid the question. "Oatis he... didn't make it... and Andrea... she's missing. We don't know where she is" Glenn gave me the bad news... not Andrea please no... she's was my best and closest friend, the good news is that she still might be alive, I need to find her. "And Shane... he's... he's gone" Rick chimed in, everyone looked to Rick in utter shock. Oh my god, he was an ass but he didn't deserve that... no one does. What happened out there?

"I'm going to get Andrea back" I turned my heel to run back into the woods "No! you can't that place might still be overrun and if she got out she would be far away from here by now!" Rick grabbed my arm to stop me from leaving. "I can't just leave her! She's my best friend! Wouldn't you do the same for me if I was out there? Wouldn't you?" Rick paused, he had sadness in his eyes, I knew he didn't want me to go but Andrea was my friend "Please... Don't" Rick kept his eyes on me, moved his hand down my arm and gave my hand a squeeze. "He's right it would be a suicide mission, there are too many" T-Dog explained, Rick still had a hold of my hand. I looked down at our entwined hands and sighed... "Okay... fine" I let go of Ricks hand, stormed off and went and sat in T-Dogs blue pick up truck waiting for the rest of the group to get moving.

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