Chapter 52 - Stealing sushi & paper piles

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Jace's face went from shocked, to confused, to positively terrified, all in a matter of three seconds.

"You're awake," he said quietly, voice shaking under the level of calm, hands tightening protectively over 2 Chainz. "Like, awake before I woke you up. You woke yourself up. On time. Not even on time," He trembled, eyes fluttering shut, "early."

I snuggled back into my cocoon of pillows and blankets in response. "Is is that hard to believe that I am, in fact, capable of being a functioning member of society? Don't answer that."

"Are you sick or something?"

"No," I huffed, "I'm trying to decide how early is too early to call Harry."

"Why? Already regretting not spending the night with him? Having flashbacks to the horror times of your post-Liam, pre-Harry dry spell? Hoping that he will come and rescue you from the tornado that is Louis Tomlinson during his stupid birthday month?"

"Not regretting, Jace. I needed a little time to think, y'know. Wrap my head around everything that we talked about without having his stupid pretty face to distract me."

"It's been, what, twelve hours? Ten? Little time to think, yeah?"

"Fuck off," I laughed, tossing a cushion at him. He gave me a gaping, accusatory look and sheltered our kitten closer to his chest. "That is all irrelevant, Jace. The question is if it is too early to call Harry and prevent his probable attempt to show up at the office if I don't call early enough."

Jace's eyes lit up in amusement. "He's probably already waiting for you at Vogue in a way that should be creepy but totally wouldn't be because he's so gorgeous. Like, lounging across the table in our office in a Versace suit or something. Victoria has probably already mistaken him as the model for today's shoot."

"You're absolutely no help at all."

"False," he said, sticking out his tongue from the doorway. "I pick out your outfits every morning. Call Harry. Or don't. Whatever. You guys annoy me."

I tossed another pillow across the room in a weak attempt. "We're annoying? You and Louis have cute little baking fights. You practice Louis' lines with him in a fake British accent. I heard you arguing the other day about who would hypothetically be a better astronaut, for fucks sake!"

Jace glowered in the door frame, eyes now deadly. "For the record," He seethed, "I would definitely be a better astronaut than Louis." With a final huff, he stuck his nose in the air and left the room, making sure slam the door behind him.

There were no sounds of footsteps walking away. Three seconds later, predictably, Jace swung back open the door with a look that read 'I'm still pretending to be angry so don't say anything that will make me laugh'.

"Call Harry," He glowered. He set our cat on the ground and nodded towards her. "She's for moral support."

The door shut again, and this time footsteps faded away. And, naturally, I could hear Louis already arguing with Jace that he would definitely be a better astronaut. Hypothetically, of course. I hated both of them and their entire adorable relationship.

2 Chainz jumped onto the foot of my bed and quickly made herself at home on top of my feet, stretched out and relaxed. On the other hand, I was back to staring at my phone and debating internally if it were really to early to call Harry or not and possibly on the verge of shattering it.

"Should I do it?" I asked my kitty, nudging her nose with my tip toe. She meowed in response and swatted at my foot. "Right. Got it."

With that, I was tapping away the number that I had long since memorised into my phone, because cat advice was the best. I decided my nervousness could be blamed on the current lack of coffee that I was experiencing, and I was just about to hang up and go grab a mug of hen the ringing stopped.

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